Jayalalitha’s Thanga Vettai show

Adding to the growing list of untenable promises by the Dravidian parties, Chief Minister Jayalalitha today promised to give free four grams of gold "mangalsutras" to girls from the Below the Poverty Line (BPL) for their marriages, if the ADMK was voted back to power. However, she did not provide any details how the scheme will be funded. She also rejected the idea of formation of a coalition government in the state. She categorically stated that ADMK would form a government on its own. With only a few days left before the end of campaigning, both the ADMK and DMK have been making daily announcements of populist schemes in a bid to capture power. It would be very interesting to see how many of these promises will be eventually kept…


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    JAYA is Cheating:
    Jaya stopped DMK’s sceheme of Ten thousand rupees gift to each marrying girl as her first order after becoming CM.Now he is cheating the Women and the poor people.She did not know the value of MARRIED LIFE, FAMILY , HUSBAND , WIFE and Children.

  2. senthil kumaran on

    funny , wish we could have more elections ,more promises,some how they do not do this during their regime. so all these tell one thing hope people do not get carried away. where is the money for all this?

    the way things are moving many would like to be below proverty line. he, he

  3. Anonymous on

    Jayalalitha is Great.

    defenetly she will do for the people.

    Hope this time also she will
    solve the people Problems.

    mothan 65% she will come.

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