Sarath Kumar launching a new party?

Kaps from Sambhar Mafia pointed to a news article which speculates that Sarath Kumar is planing to float his own party. Sarath Kumar seems to be following in the foot steps of Vijaykanth by using his fan clubs across the state. According to the article, Sarath Kumar has apparently called for a discussion of his fan club members next week in Chennai to discuss his next course of action.

It looks like Sarath Kumar is trying to obtain the support of the Nadar community (to which he belongs) so consolidate his support. Sources point out that Sarath Kumar is holding discussions with influencial members of the Nadar community to obtain support for his new political formation. The question remains to be seen if Sarath Kumar will be able to carve out a niche for him in Tamil Nadu politics. Given his experience with the two Dravidian parties, it looks like Sarath Kumar is using this as his final step to remain ‘politically relevant’.


14 comments so far

  1. Vijaye on

    Hopefully we will have someone who is working for the society rather than for money.”please dont get into politics”

  2. senthil on

    thala v al here….. sure ly u wil chang some political scripts in tn ……….

  3. ssm on

    try 2 get more seats

  4. ram on

    i think u hav very big powwer 2 split the votes so u can do ……..

  5. ram on

    do some good things 2 ppls aft gettin in 2 politics

  6. rajaram on

    am in us workin for a s/w concon…. i heard that ur enterin 2 politics tat s gud … work hard 2 get good name me n my frnd s vottes u ……… al d best do wel

  7. navin on

    hmmmmmmmmmmmm……. al d best

  8. john victor on

    tel me how 2 join in ur party

  9. praveena on

    hope u do well

  10. janaki on

    try 2 open a media r tv channel 2 publis ur self al d best

  11. vimaal on

    try 2 giv chanc 2 youth plz

  12. vimaal on


  13. kumaravel on

    al d best

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