Tamil Nadu – Kerala war of words on Mullaperiyar issue

The Mullaperiyar dam issue has created a serious rift between the governments of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. At the heart of the problem is the issue about raising the height of the dam from 136 ft to 141 ft. The Supreme Court of India has given the go ahead earlier this year to raise the height of the dam. But the government of Kerala has tried to hinder this move by raising the issue of the safety of the people in the adjoining area due to this increased dam height. Making matters worse, the Kerala government tried to ascertain the safety of the dam with the help of naval divers. The Tamil Nadu government has taken a strong exception to this unilateral move by the Kerala government and has threatened to boycott all talks.

Given that the Supreme Court of India has given a go ahead taking all issues into consideration, this delaying tactic by the Kerala government is frankly appalling. Frankly talks in New Delhi are going to be pointless as both Chief Ministers are going to hold to their respective positions. The only way to settle this dispute is to let the Supreme Court to decide.


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  1. Mallu on

    See if you think dam is safer, why don’t you allow naval divers to check the dam?..

    Kerala has enough water( may be more than enough) and is ready to give also..But we are also worried about the safty… Just use the common sense and think about it. It was made of rubble and surki (some 111 years ago).Over the years, a large
    quantity of lime has been leached away making the old dam structurally weak.

    This is not to provoke anybody..all are facts…
    and please tell/write anything after making sure that every thing is correct.

  2. Jaison on

    They will never use their commonsense and think on the fact twice. Let whatever happen to the 35 lakhs people, they don’t bother about it. That is what their mentality. They will always stick on their stupidities without understanding the truth. What a Selfishness !!!

    They have already proved their attittude by quarelling with Karnataka on another similar issue. They need their state to be announced as a separate country….their selfish needs are going on like these…

    A humble request to TN government.
    Please do understand that you are playing with the lives of lakhs of innocent people in Kerala. Mind it.

    • Anonymous on

      I am sorry to say that the typical malayalee rudeness & Stupidity is displayed on so many replies in the top. Malayalees completely and comfortably forget the fact that the same generous tamilians who are letting the cunning mallus live, work and prosper in Tamil nadu. Lakhs and Lakhs of mallus are making their life and filling their stomach by tamilians money and generosity. Ofcourse tamilians are there in Kerala too but not like the mallus who are widespread in Tamilnadu like bedbugs.Simple examples are Coimbatore, Tiruppur,Chennai, Eorde etc etc. Mallus are always smart enough to blow their own trumpet for no reasons.

      Mallus come to tamilnadu TO earn, eat and speak bad about tamilians. on the otherhand Jobless lazy mallus in kerala who will do ANYTHING for 100 rs(which will buy a quarter or a bottle of arrack)are creating such nuisances along withtheir so called labour unions & politicians who dont have any work other than disturbing others work.

      Some idiots have called Karnataka to support them or compared karntaka with Tamilnadu. Hope you dont know or remember the three out breaks in Bangalore for cauvery water where mass killings of tamilians, looting and destroying of tamilians property and even blinding of tamilians eyes with sharp pencils were done. But here even our farmers lives were under tremendous pressure we restrained ourselves and even protected the lakhs and lakhs of malayaless from all problems. Not even a single malayalee was attacked or a mallu property had been looted or destroyed then. Thats the attitude and grade of tamilians. Let others say who is Selfish. You dont have that quality to judge tamilians.

      You fools, we know mallus dont have gratitude and brain.But time again you yourselves are proving and making yourself a laughing doll infornt of all.

      • Manu P. Kaimal on

        I don’t know who wrote the above idiotic and inhuman comments, but on thing is sure he is the greatest fool in our country,,, bcz he said about Tamilian money,, there is n’t any such money or currency,,, this is Indian Union,,, neither Tamilnadu nor Kerala. Now what all things he said,, leave it but he is not at all human. Reason is 35 lakhs of people in 4 districts will loose their lives,, fauna and flora in the sector will be lost in Arabian sea forever,,, I am writing this by sitting in a district where the impact will be maximum. We don’t want to stop the provision of water to Tamil Nadu,, lot of farmers are down their in TN also,, we know that how much water they need a govt: (without considering KL or TN) should provide it. KL has made it clear that we are ready for that.

        As an Indian more over a Human its my request that the person behind the above given comment is trying to make a clash between the people of two states. He should not be entertained any more,,,, We are neighbors and should try the methods of cooperation,, I don’t think my few words will change his mind,,, let’s hope for the best,,,,

      • sharath on

        whatever water that is produced by rains in karnataka belongs to karnataka and to nobody else. There may be much less rain in TN because of greedy men devoring the forrest area. It is because there was a British govt in Madras and subservient govt. in Karnataka (Mysore then) that a highly partial water sharing aggreement was reached between TN and Karnataka, extremely unfair to Karnataka. Added to this, is the fact that Karnataka MPs and MLAs are napumsakas when it comes to fight for state’s interests be it water, electricity, budget money allocation etc. A lot of tamils work in karnataka, these tamils could not find work in TN. But what happens, these tamils that work in Karnataka practice groupism and favorouritism being extremely partial to tamil colleagues and tamil juniors, in case of promotions, appointment etc. A high qualified and more eligible kannadiga is ignored to favor a tamilian. Electricity is produced in karnataka using karnatak’s resources but electricity is supplied to TN. Honestly, time and again I admire the TN’s politicians and MPs and MLAs, despite of belonging to different party, they stand united in cause of their state, our own karnataka’s politicians need to learn a lot from them.

    • Anonymous on

      well you ask us to think about only 35 lakh people we are talking about the whole of south inda asshole if we are selfish saggin dumbass your state would now be on par with somalia the rice bowl of south india is already with out water due to kannadigas so the rice cup has to suffer next due to you idiots dont know why we are fighting the first reason now is kerala most of the produce from the region goes out to kerala and rest to tamil nadu if you build a dam we have to stop giving food to you since kerala karnataka and andhra wont give water slowly kerala will die due to famine which will begin in tn when kerala itself dies more over were you born in the 1930s coz tn has even forgotten that a dravidastan was proposed so shut the fuck up until you are sure about facts

      • akshay on

        you foolish tamalian why are you trying to make a clash when we could solve this without any problem . about your TN who are you to say that

  3. Sabrina on

    Tamilnadu should appreciate the magnanimous gesture put forward by the Government of Kerala by renewing the treaty that allows Tamilnadu to use the water for power generation too. Instead, ungrateful Tamilians loves to point out this as a diplomatic blunder commited by the then officials of Kerala thereby giving Tamilnadu a stronghold over the issue of Mullaperiyar dam.

    Kerala for long trusted the supreme court to come up with a favorable decision taking on account of the safety problems raised by the Kerala government. By ruling out the Kerala’s plea on decommissioning of the dam, supreme court decision proven to be a mockery of the judicial system.

    Kerala must stand firm in its demands and should not forget the troubles caused to by the neighboring state and the central government which should guide them to frame a new treaty, which would resonate Kerala’s stand on the beseeching pleas for water from its ungrateful neighbouring state of Tamilnadu, once the new dam is built.

  4. Narayanan on

    The selfish, ba*rdic politicians and corrupt bureaucrats of kerala are the reason for the current situation. Tamilnadu is definitely GREEDY for water due to their problems and do not give a damn that they are stealing or robbing or whatever to get it from others.

    The problem is that the people from kerala used be well of with enough water and never cared what the ba*rdic politicians do. So now we are suffering.

    What we should do is that the people should get united and realise that we will be needing water in the future and also that we can not supply water for free to others for eternity. Does Tamilnadu give free rice/vegetables to kerala in return of the free water?

    I am not against giving water to TN and fully support that if they are in need they should be given. But let us make sure that we have the control and we give only after ensuring that we have satisfied the demands of ourselves.

    Saftey is another important issue and we just have to take control of OUR land by force and do a controlled demolition of the dam in the summer taking necessary precautions. Once it is done, things will come our way. Till then Tamilnadu rules.

    I say that going to court on these issues itself is meaningless. When it is the saftey of the peopl, a government should use force when needed. Learn from the Ba*rds of America who use force even when not at all necessary.

    Keralam ennu kettalo thilakkanam chora namukku njarambukalil ( When you hear Kerala, blood should boil in our veins).

    We know TN is filled with the greediest and do not have any national interest or feeling from many other issues.

  5. Jai Menon on

    Kerala politicians are timid and useless hijras. TN has always scuttled all development in kerala. remember, last transport minister didnt allow any highway in kerala, they opposed Vallarpadam, Vizinjam everything, they scuttled Nokia investment. DMK is supporting congress at center, so manmohan singh will keep quite. VS is just doing tthis tamasha, what did he do for 3 years. Kerala must build a dam and annul the old treaty.
    Bloody tamilians are uncivilized scoundrels- kerala and karnataka needs to throw out all the backward dravidian tamilians from their states. Tamilnadu is anti national state, they should have no place in india. Kerala must make a new dam and not give one drop of water to tamilians. Bloody tamilians dont understand that this dam and this river in entirely in kerala territory. Karnataka should also stop all water from cauvery. Tamilians anyway bathe only once a month, why do they need so much water? Jai Hind.

  6. Jai Menon on

    One thing we Keralites dont understand is that for 60 years, at center, Tamilnadu always presented itself as the only representative from south, so anything that goes to south zone goes to Tamilnadu- look at central institutes, regional central govt offices, railway zons, US embassy, central PSUs everything went to TN. all the development funds from center goes to Tamilnadu. just look at road infrastructure in chennai, and look at kerala’s so called metro city- Cochin, it is worse than village towns like madurai or tiruppur. How is it that a state like Kerala which contributes so much forex, so much cash crops, so many highly educated people remain backward in infrastructure, a city like Cochin with so much private wealth, looks like a shanty town in terms of roads, power, urban planning?

    Bangalore and Hyderabad fought for their rights so they got some share of funds in the last 10-15 years, so now both bangalore and Hyderabad are both ahead of dirty, shitty chennai. btw i love Bangalore, it is a true national city like Delhi or Bombay. But kerala politicians were always timid, backward, hijras. They have done nothing for the state in last 60 years. They cant even speak proper english or Hindi at Delhi, How can they communicate about their issues. only some people like E.K. Naynar, Karunakaran, Balakrishna Pillai and Shashi Tharoor kind of leaders have brought some respect for the state in Delhi.
    let us hope one day the proud people of kerala will get their due share in our great nation- Bharat.

    Jai Hind.

  7. Ramanathan Iyer on

    Go and jerk off you moron, Mallus are shittest in the world, you ppl never respect others………..and you dont bathe at all……….stinking all the time, I feel like bashing the dam now itself, all saints there RIP!!!

  8. Kaiser on

    Jai Menon u moron

    TN has more mallu scoundrels than tamils in kerala.

    Bloody , tell them to leave our place first.

    5 million mellu jackasses in our state.

    Learn english first.

  9. joseph on

    Kerala is God’s own country or devil country. I don’t know malayalee always boost themselves up. Most of the malayalees are living in other state than kerala. Let them go to kerala. They consider kerala is waste land. What they produce. Nothing I have visited many countries in abraod even in latin american countries.Far better than kerala as per nature. Though kerala is on percent of land in India. This should be kept well. Then I visit often to kerala for treatment many hotels have no proper water. Most of the water goes to sea. Then they can give to tamil nadu since TN supplies manything to kerala. One thing is best to leave them to construct a dam. No problem but malayalees should go from TN. TOO MUCH NOW AND TOO BAD FOR US.

  10. Arun on

    As a malayalee who wish for an amicable settlement my views are :

    We need to solve 2 issues
    a)TN should get water as its southern districts agriculture depends on water from Kerala.
    b)People of Kerala should be able to live peacefully without apprehension on the dam safety.

    I cant find any other better solution than-
    “A new dam should be built so that Tamil Nadu will continue to get water and Kerala’s saftey worries will be over.”

    But i really dont understand…. Kerala gov is saying the same thing and why TN gov is not agreeing on this.
    If Kerala is ready to give water to TN after the new dam is built also; then what is the problem in agreeing for a new dam..? Is it like TN gov not believe on Kerala gov words..? If that is the case TN can ask center to intervene and have an agreement signed before the dam built itself! Instead of that why TN politicians saying Kerala should not even think about a new Dam(dont even do a Survey)
    The agreement is for 999 years, but it is obvious that the dam can not survive that period.Hence surely a new dam has to be built if TN need to get water.

    Just think about a scenario, TN gov not agreeing for a new dam and one day the dam collapses.(I pray such a situation never happen). After such a disaster occur,does anybody think, TN can build one new dam and continue to get water…(such a situation could be so horrible..the relation btwn the 2 states could be much worst than current Indo-Pak relations) So is it foolish from the TN gov now opposing the new dam when Kerala saying it is ready to continue giving water after the new dam built?

    After all why my tamil brothers are so arrogant..? just see the facts..
    1)Periyar is not an inter-state river like kavery. It is completely within the territory of Kerala.

    2)Kerala is giving water to TN from Periyar since the british rule without anything in return.And when it comes to Kerala people’s safety why the Tamil politicians behave this way..?

    3. If you say TN provide egg,vegetables etc.., none of these things are anyway free of cost.If we dont buy TN farmers also will suffer and we had seen that on DMK’s road blockade.(I just meant to say its not a favor for Kerala people from the TN side).

    4. And about malayalees in TN ..i can see a lot of tamil workers and Tamil hotels in every nook and corner of Kerala. So of course both states are dependent each other.

    Arun Nair

  11. indian on



    • TAMILIANS on

      poda puna malayali…. fuck ur mom………….
      fuck ur sister……… fuck ur fathers mother……
      fuck all tamilians wen u enter tamilnadu….
      u the asshole……. THIS IS MY FUCKING GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Indian on

        And U are Fucker….Enjoy your Fucking Game.

      • Samue;666 on

        Poda kena ppunda mone..
        Ninte appan pettu,..
        thats all happen in TN
        poda mayire velavettiilla payale………..

    • Vijay on

      Before writing You should think few points. U r depending TN for Vegetables(60%)
      Power (60 %).Road Transport(75 %).Train Transport (75%) .We are black or Africans that we do not mind…But you People from were ? May be Count How many mallus living in Tamilnadu and How many tamilians Living in Kerals…May be 5 : 100 Ratio…..No Tamilians studying in kerala…But think how many mallus studying in tamilnadu….U people depending tamilnadu for everything….(Including sand ,chicken,BF…)

  12. joseph on

    Mr Indian
    pls read the following words
    as u mention above (tamilian )(AADIVASI) IDIOTS

    Indian Nobel prize Winners
    1) Rabindranath Tagore 1913 literature
    2) Chandrasheker Ventkata Raman 1930 physics Tamil Nadu
    3) Hargobind Khorana 1968 Medicine
    4) Mother Teresa 1979 Peace
    5) Subramanian chandrasheskar 1983 physics Tamil Nadu
    6) Amartya Sen 1998 Economics
    7) Venketraman Ramakhrisanan 2009 Chemistry Tamil Nadu

    Three Tamilians out of seven Indians
    But No Malayalam
    (100 per cent Educated peoples/Kerala State) –why???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????… ect
    Is really standard education system adopt in Kerala?
    I think noooooooooooooooo —- only talking
    This is a real mallus (only cheating)

    tamilian is the best in india and world

  13. suku mammen george on

    dear people of tamilnad
    first of all this is not an issue between tamils and malayalees since lakhs of tamils among keralites and had been settled here for generations,especially in the mountainous district now threatened.besides now we have a few million tamil labourers and artisans,including my own house maid and farm workers.and besides thousans of illegal child workers,hundreds of beggars(no keralite beggars or nomads ) and nomads-not to speak of adventurers from thirudar villages.no such villages in keralam though criminals flourish as elsewhere-live off keralam. and we are the main market for tamil products and tamil producers know we have buying power.that is why they resisted when the populist fanatics among tamil politicians suggested boycot of keralam. malayali diaspora around the world are mainly middleclass service category. many tamil workers here now sent their children to school rather than convert them into child workers as in rural india elsewhere.
    we are only happy to give water to the industrious tamil farmers who sent their products to us. but we need three things- cancellation of the clonial treaty,a new dam for our safety and new agreement which will enable us to get remueration for what we sell. after all we pay for your products.which of these you think is irrational and why? tamils are dynamic and industrious. but too chauvinistic.

  14. ANAKEDIAN on


  15. V.MANOHAR on

    Dear All Bloody’s

    Don’t use any more words from now onwords here. You guy’s(except myself) not understand the problem between tamilnadu and kerala.

  16. "HELL with These JOKES" on

    YOU guys are fighting Like Street DOGs..”(pardon me)”
    ..I have to say…..U guys are lunatics who think of YOur on god damn asses only..
    Both of these states depend on each other whether its for water of food.

    These two states are part of India.
    Remember that !

    Both of these states have the moral duty of solving this HeLL of a situation they have got themselves into..

    As long as the kerala govt agrees that it will provide water to TN,What is the problem,
    “None can compromise the live of innocent people”
    TN needs water ,K is ready to give water !

    -Damn!,That Dam is a Ticking time Bomb…
    all it need is a little more water to set it OFF-Bingo.,.
    “millions dead”
    Then there will be people who will say,
    We are not responsible for that –
    as always (“just like in stories “)

    Common guys talk it off!!!

  17. indian on

    It is very horrible to see keralites and tamilians are fighting not for dam issue but to throw lashes against each other. Actual fact is both the state politicians are playing using their strategy.Keralites never give their pride though they have nothing to be proud of their state,bcoz it is first in divorce rating.alcoholic.suicide and last in Industries and they have to depend on TN for all essential vegetables,milk,poultry,meat dress materials etc.As long the trade unions in Kerala how come kerala can flourish – Tamils have little natural resources but emerging as the Industrial state next to Maharashtra & Gujarat-Keralites have their money from GUlf but Tamil from Singapore/US/UK/AUS/few other F/East countries.Kerala does not have any reputed educational institutions but mostly keralities literates means minimum education have completed schooling (they can ready & write only)but tamils excels in post graduation nearl 70% professional all over India every yr fm TN.Extraordinary musicians and o/standing people are fm TN,but almost keralites are average alert in their life,bcoz they have no other way.
    Keralites should stop seeing other state people as creatures and develop self dignity-all are human beings-keralites people should stop thinking that they are running the world,bcoz we all are indians and nobody is better than other-give respect and get respect and all indian people know about other states situation,so no need to think i will boast about my state and nobody knows the real situation in kerala/TN/KNTKA –
    Be friendly and helpful to each other.

  18. "HELL with These JOKES" on

    My dear friend,
    i have to say that ur comment that kerala..have nothing to be proud of….””Ho that was uncalled for”..
    Do you Have Any Clue …about what u just said .
    .oh…..i get it ..
    .Its ur wish…Right .,,.
    “”Coz u got nothing..,.,””

    I saw U commented THat Keralites should stop seeing other state people as creatures…
    Ho….THats just THE WORST…..
    WE/I always .,.,thought..of ..LISTEN..MR/Mis??who ever u are?
    “””US”(THE whole people of india)”””as INDIANS ..
    YOU ..who ever you are .,.gave a new Dfntn:..Creatures.,.
    Thats just Gr8.,.,..
    COMon..atleast have the Basic understanding…that WE(u,me…everyone…) are a part of .THE greatest..NATION. IN THE WORLD…with no others having cultural diversities..close to uS


    “”A country where unity thrives on diversity””

    WE/I are/am a part of a great country…with lots of people,,with lots of diff: cultures,languages,artforms,way of life,….ALL this together makes “INDIA”,
    WE share mutual respect ,love,care..
    jai Hind

  19. raghav on

    many people who commented are not discussing the issue but simply showing their ego against others….i worked both in tamil nadu and kerala …there is nothing wrong with the people on both sides… here the dam is too old and it need either good repair or a new dam .. .how much money do we spent on for different developmental works. y in the first place create much friction just for sake of friction…..

    Kerala has filed that it will continue to supply water…. tamil nadu has repaired the dam well till date (cable enforcing )… so far so good….. There are differing opinions by experts on the issue of dam strength – one by IIT study and other by a panel…
    So case is now before empowered committee …. lets wait and discuss the various angles ….its pity to see that such a good post is used as a platform to attack others based on prejudice…. Both tamils and mallus hv to live with each other even if they like or not…… so y not live happily…..

    am on a date with a tamil gal and so able to see both sides clearly…cheer up!!!

  20. rammohan8303@gmail.com on

    Hai all ,

    Please don’t fight between us.I am from Kerala. i have lot of friends from Tamil Nadu. both places have it’s own culture and traditions.

    Please take mullaperiyar issue as a National Disaster. if it broken , will affect both states.

  21. Gershome from Tenkasi on

    Let justice be done in this. We need safety for our kerala friends and water for our tamilnadu.
    Lest not fight against each other. We need to live in harmony with each other.

  22. Kiran on

    What the hell tamilnadu needs.take all of dat,drink and die.but allow kerala to build a new dam.dont u have common sense

  23. Faiz on

    Tamilnadu is a state where people think dat dey r d best.they think dat tamil is the best language, tamil films r d best in d world etc.u have 7-arivu(7th sense).but im sorry my dear tamilians,u people dont have d basic common sense.we people r ready to give d same amount of water ,we told.den what ,r u children thinking dat we will cheat u after building d dam.or will u give guarantee 4 30lakh people’s life.u idiots.americans r right,dey defined wat u people exactly r.

  24. timon on

    hey dude,u said v kerala is dependin on tamilnadu.aashole v r buyin frm u by givin money.fucker u r not givin’ it for free.if v wont buy thngs frm u,ur economy will be down n ya fuckin farmers will die eatin vegetables.nd v mallu work in tamilnadu cuz u guyz lack knowledge.so companies r selecting us.even m studyin coimbatore.its ma fuckin fate.i got tamil frnds,most of them r stinky.tamil fuckers thnk they’r the finest.fuck’em.u guys dnt even deserve mallu’s shit.after v r gettin vegetable,power by givin money bt v r givin free water for u assholes.lemme say if north indians n mallus r not residin in chennai or coimbatore,this cities will go to hell.u guys cant even speak good tamil.even in movies all r mallu r north indian actress.tamil girls r fugly.even in singing.fuck u all.watchin english n hindi movies in tamil.knowledge less creatures……mail me at vaishakpriya@gmail.com fuckin tamilians

  25. Newton on

    Dere is no point in quarel among ourselves .let us leave it for a 3rd party.n one of d us diplomat got it right.dey defined wat is meant by tamilians.it was a 50 mark question.but he scored 51 marks for his wonderful true answer.next wat is d purpose of supplying water to u.coz you people take bath only once in a century.again we have agreed to give u d same amount of water.den wat d fuck is d problem with u people.it think u people r gonna die due to lack of water bcoz of ur damn ****ing behaviour.u ‘obnoxious little weed’

  26. sambu on

    Eniku e panna pandikalodu onne parayan ullu 3 nobel prize kittittu karyam ella adhya roadil thoorunna culture change cheyu ennittu keraleeyarodu ulathan vanna mathi ningalku oru damile vellamano valuthu atho 3 districtile manushya jeevano…….
    Pinne oru punnaramon paranju keralam devils on country anennu e tamilnattil daily 6 manikoor anu current cut bt in kerala kashtichu half hour polum athilla…….
    Pinne ningalku agrahikam mullaperiyar kittumennu athinu munpu oru karyam ningal arinjo nangalude keralathil oralkengilum jeevan undangi ningalude agraham nadakilla…
    MANASILAYOODA….. Panna pandikale

    • Joby on

      Ella kunna taayoli . . Tamilan marum oombate . . Avanmarku vellam venam polum . .

  27. groenlandiajj on

    ok you bloody Indians are all same.. dirty cows.. you use clean up your arse and wack it with your hands? whoop! whoop! and you gits fighting each other? what a heck!

    • Newton on

      Who d hell r u to talk about us.son of a *…

  28. Gamgahdaran Ramakrishnan on

    தமிழ்நாட்டுக்கு தண்ணீர், கேரளாவுக்கு பாதுகாப்பு. இது இரண்டும் முக்கியம். முல்லை பெரியார் அணை பிரச்சினை பிரதமர் கண்டு கொள்ளாமல் இருப்பது இரண்டு மாநில மக்கள் மத்தியில் கசப்பு உண்டாக்கும் என்பதில் ஐய்யம் இல்லை.
    തമിഴ് നാട്ടിലേക്ക് വെള്ളം, കേരള ജനതയ്ക്ക് സുരക്ഷ . ഇതു രണ്ടും പ്രധാനം. മുല്ലൈ പെരിയാര്‍ പ്രശ്നം പ്രധാനമന്ത്രി ശ്രദ്ധിക്കാതിരിക്കുന്നത്‌ രണ്ടു സ്റ്റേറ്റ് ജനതയ്ക്കുള്ളില്‍ സ്പര്‍ദ്ധ ഉണ്ടാക്കും എന്നതില്‍ സംശയം ഇല്ല.

    கூடம்குளம் அணுமின் நிலையம் ஆபத்து என்றும் நம்பும் தமிழ் மக்கள் மிக பழமையான முல்லைப்பெரியார் அணை பாதுகாப்பானது என்று எப்படி நம்புகிறீர்கள்?
    കൂടംകുളം atomic പവര്‍ പ്ലാന്റ് ആപത്ത് എന്ന് കരുതുന്ന തമിഴ് സമൂഹം വളരെ പഴയ മുല്ലപെരിയാര്‍ അണക്കെട്ട് സുരക്ഷിതം എന്ന് എങ്ങിനെ വിശ്വസിക്കുന്നു?

    தமிழக விஞ்சானி அப்துல்கலாம் தமிழ் நாட்டிலுள்ள கூடம்குளம் அணுமின் நிலையம் பாதுகாப்பானது என்று சொன்னார்கள். தமிழ் மக்கள் அதை நம்பவில்லை. கேரளாவிலுள்ள அணை பாதுகாப்பானது என்று தமிழ் மக்கள் நம்புவது வேடிக்கையாகவே இருக்கிறது.

    തമിഴ് നാട്ടു വിജ്ഞാനി അബ്ദുള്‍കലാം അവര്‍കള്‍ കൂടംകുളം ആണുശക്തിനിലയം സുരക്ഷിതം എന്ന് പറഞ്ഞിട്ടും തമിഴ് ജനത വിശ്വസിച്ചില്ല. എന്നാല്‍ കേരളത്തിലുള്ള

    അണക്കെട്ട് സുരക്ഷിതം എന്ന് തമിഴ് ജനത വിശ്വസിക്കുന്നത് അത്ഭുതമായി തോന്നുന്നു.

  29. stephan on

    dont worry guys.. be happy happy… whatever it may be its upto god.. leave in him hand.. and b cool.. v ct stop anythng.. so plzzzzz dt fight tam n malayali.. everybody is human……

  30. Anonymous on

    Tamil bastards are only interested in their own welfare, they are extremely selfish and hence high caution should be exercised when dealing with them, same in the case of this dam. If the kerala suffers more and gains less and with tamils it is otherway round, reject it by all means. You cannot expect a tamilian to be fair, it is not in his/her genes, they are famous for being trechearous, back stabbing, cheating, etc etc

  31. s on

    Tamil bastards are only interested in their own welfare, they are extremely selfish and hence high caution should be exercised when dealing with them, same in the case of this dam. If the kerala suffers more and gains less and with tamils it is otherway round, reject it by all means. You cannot expect a tamilian to be fair, it is not in his/her genes, they are famous for being trechearous, back stabbing, cheating, etc etc

  32. Anonymous on


  33. saji kerala on

    tamizh makkale thaaymaarukale thanthayillatha thaayolikale.instead of water we all people kerala piss on ur heads.u sons prostitutes

  34. Anonymous on

    kerela youth get ready to fight against tamil beggers

  35. Anonymous on

    tamilians are beggars dey need everything …we kannadigas teached a lesson in d past nw dey r targetting keralites!!!

  36. Anonymous on

    although the issue is not about the color,their appearences and job they do all that matter is saving the lives of innocent peoples in kerala.please show little mrcy towards the keralites.any how i think ther is still drop of mercy in every tamilians heart to save them and free from danger!!!!!!!

  37. Christi thomas on

    There is no point in talking to these tamil assholes coz even now most of them consider their toilet as free grounds and road sides…im in coimbatore and every day i can see poeple doing it…Hell…

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