DMK-PMK rift?

Ever since they joined hands before the previous Lok Sabha election, DMK-PMK alliance was proceeding without much problems. That was until the recent local body elections. Although the alliance routed the ADMK-MDMK combine, the two parties are engaged in a war of words because of cross-voting that has taken place at the local level. As a result, some of PMK’s official candidates have lost inspite of the alliance having a majority. This left PMK’s President Ramadoss fuming calling on TN Chief Minister Karunanidhi to maintain coalition dharma.

Today, Karunanidhi responded to the Ramadoss’ allegations. In a press release, Karunanidhi said that the DMK was also a victim of cross voting which has resulted in its official candidates loosing in some places like Kancheepuram. Although avoiding to pin point PMK as the sole cause for the incident, Karunanidhi said he didn’t want to blame PMK’s leadership for the defeat. However, he sought to pacify Ramadoss by claiming that the DMK’s leadership has already initiated disciplinary action against 3 MLAs as well as brought disciplinary proceedings against more than 18 DMK members.

But PMK leader Ramadoss doesn’t have any other option but to sulk and keep quite (since he and Jayalalitha aren’t in the best of terms). Another ally of the DMK, the CPM is also not happy with the DMK leadership. It’s leaders openly blame DMK for some of its candidates to lose in places like Nagercoil. Karunanidhi should try to satisfy his coalition partners or otherwise it might lead to realignments.


Vijaykanth’s drinking problem exposed?

In a hard hitting statement yesterday, Jayalalitha hit out at the DMDK’s leader Vijaykanth for claiming to be the political heir of the late ADMK leader MGR. DMDK’s recent stupendous performance in the Madurai by-election has the ADMK very worried. But one thing that stands out in the statement was Jayalalitha referring the DMDK leader’s recent poll promises as “blabbering of some under the influence of liquor”. She continued, “Those who consume liquor everyday have no right to utter the name of MGR. The concerned people know whom I am referring to”.

According to Chennaionline, Congress MLA Peter Alphonse accused Vijaykanth “of having come to the state Assembly drunk”, which was violation of the privilege of the Assembly. In fact, a fellow blogger Kaps referred to this during the campaigning for the assembly polls in a post titled “High and dry’. In the post, Kaps said that the local media totally ignored this and only Outlook’s S Anand made a note of this. While film stars drinking is not something new, but to drink before campaigning or coming to TN state assembly drunk is totally a different story IMO. Please feel free to state your opinion in the comment section.

DMK and allies sweep the local body elections

If yesterday’s Madurai election results was anything to go by it shouldn’t come as any surprise that DMK and its alliance partners swept the local body elections. ADMK and MDMK were routed in this election, while DMDK in spite of making significant inroads still trails the DMK and ADMK by quite a large margin. A break down of the results party-wise (courtesy chennaionline) is provided below,

Total 3,780(municipalities) 7,410(town panchayats) 91(district panchayats) 1,991(block panchayats) 242(corporations)


[Update 1] DMK alliances routes ADMK in Chennai

The DMK and alliances routed the ADMK-MDMK combine in the elections for the Chennai Corporation. The DMK yesterday recaptured the Chennai municipal corporation after a gap of five years, by winning 90 of the 154 wards. Its allies Congress, PMK, CPI and DPI won 37, 17, and two each respectively. The AIADMK, which had won 77 wards in the 2001 polls to the corporation and seven of the 14 Assembly seats from the city in the May elections, could win only four seats and the MDMK managed to win just 1 seat.


Jayalalitha is well known for her unpredictable actions, and today she delivered another surprise. Radhika, wife of film actor Sarath Kumar, was expelled from the primary membership of the ADMK because “she brought disrepute to the party” according to the press release from the ADMK chief.

Both Sarath Kumar and Radhika joined the ADMK just on the eve of the assembly elections. It was widely rumored at the time that Radhika might switch the contents distributed by Radaan to Jaya TV, but her relationship with the Sun TV continued. Whatever the reason for her current dismissal from the party, her stay in the ADMK was a pretty short one. One wonders where she will be heading now…

DMK retains Madurai Central!

The ruling DMK retained the Madurai Central assembly seat today increasing its victory margin from 9,000+ to 30,000+ votes. The race was three cornered with Ghouse Basha polling 51240 votes, Rajan Chellappa 20,886 votes and M R Pannerselvam of the DMDK 17,312 votes. Both the DMK and DMDK candidates increased their vote percentages at the expense of the ADMK. Chief Minister M Karunanidhi thanked the voters for ‘gifting the victory’ as a gratitude for fulfilling poll promises.

Vijaykanth’s DMDK party is making rapid strides in becoming a force to reckon with. It’s candidate increased his vote tally by about 5,000+ votes and has significantly cut into the ADMK votes. The DMK on the other hand should feel upbeat on this result. A split in votes among the opposition parties should work in its favor.

Does Abdul Kalam deserve a 2nd term?

So folks its been a while since I conducted a viewer opinion post. So now is a good time to so. President Abdul Kalam’s current term is a just year away from expiring. So I would like to know your thoughts on this topic. Do you think President Kalam deserves a second term? Only Dr. Rajendra Prasad has received re-nomination to the post of President. However, unlike past Presidents Abdul Kalam was chosen unanimously to the post by both the BJP and the Congress. Besides, his favorable status among the general public adds to his positives. Please let me know as to your thoughts.

Civic or Uncivic Polls?

Violence gripped the state during the local body elections today. Online portal Newstodaynet equated this poll to a Bihar like situation, while Hindu said the election was more uncivic that civic. Both sides blamed each other for being the perpetrators of violence. Chief Minister Karunanidhi lashed out at Jayalalitha claiming that she was making false allegations against him and that the ADMK was upset that it could not engage in bogus voting as it had earlier done during 2001 polls.

The opposition parties in the state demanded either a repoll or nullification of results for the civic polls for the Chennai Corporation. Infact, the ADMK has field a petition in the High Court seeking to declare the poll process as null and void. Both DMDK and BJP said they are boycotting the poll process as the ruling party has engaged in bogus voting thus ensuring victory to its candidates. If you would like to share your experience and taughts on this topic kindly do so in the comments section…

Local Body Elections Update

EC’s fury at Vijaykanth

As many of you might know by now, Vijaykanth has been casting aspersions on the Election Commission because his party hasn’t been allotted the ‘Murasu’ (drum) symbol for the upcoming local body elections. Today, the state Election Commissioner D Chandrasekaran threatened to take legal action against DMDK founder Vijayakanth if he continued to accuse it of bias. He added,

‘Vijayakanth can cite thousands of reasons and how can I react if he speaks without understanding the election rules and regulations. He should speak with common sense..’

Karunanidhi Optimistic

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi expressed optimism that the UPA alliance would triumph in the local body elections. Speaking to reporters here, during his campaign for the local body elections, he expressed hope that the people would support the DPA since they were enjoying the fruits of the good governance of the DMK government.


Suriya’s interview with

I still get considerable hits to my blog on the topic of the recent wedding between Suriya and Jothika, so I decided to post some excerpts of Surya’s interview with after his return from Europe.

On his recent movie Sillunu Oru Kadhal,

Suriya – “I have great respect for but you have reported in Chennai box-office that my film is a flop. I disagree to it as SOK is a hit especially in A centres and overseas. Do you know that it will break my Ghajini record at Sathyam theatre in Chennai? In Coimbatore, the film is doing extremely well and overseas people simply love it.”

On Asin and Trisha’s refusal to do the role performed eventually by Bhoomika,

Suriya – “I don’t want to rake up old issues. Asin had initially agreed to do the film and my producer, director and cameraman had met her in her house at Kochi and given her a huge advance. Later she backed out saying that the script has to be re-written. Will any self respecting director change his script? I’m sure that the Aishu character in SOK is much better than what Asin did in Majaa or Sivakasi.

Let’s not talk about it anymore, as bygones are bygones. I feel that Bhoomika has done an outstanding performance as Aishu. And what reported about Trisha and Asin having the last laugh sounds ridiculous to me!”

And finally on actor Vikram not being invited to his wedding,

Suriya – “It was not intentional…. we had even missed out Vijaykanth sir whom I respect a lot. In fact we had invited Vikram and his family personally for my sister’s wedding, but they never turned up or even bothered to call up.”

So for those of you interested in the complete interview please follow this link to

Seat sharing issues?

Online news portal Chennaionline is reporting that DPI has walked out of the ADMK alliance and instead has joined the UPA alliance in the state. There have been rumors floating around over the reported unhappiness of DPI over the seats allotted to it my the ADMK. Coming out of a meeting with Karunanidhi, Thirumavalavan said,

We were insulted by AIADMK and were allocated seats where we had no chance of winning. In some areas, some of our members were unhappy over the seat allocation. I tried to sort out the issue but I was not even allowed to meet the AIADMK high command by their cadres”

But looks like another ally of the DMK isn’t too happy with its agreement. The CPI(M) is unhappy with the DMK over seat allotments in several places like Chennai, Chidambaram, and Cuddalore. However, the CPI(M) leaders insist that they hold with continue to remain in the UPA alliance and don’t hold any “grudge” against the DMK. So looks like once again seat sharing issues have led to parties changing alliances.