DMK-PMK rift?

Ever since they joined hands before the previous Lok Sabha election, DMK-PMK alliance was proceeding without much problems. That was until the recent local body elections. Although the alliance routed the ADMK-MDMK combine, the two parties are engaged in a war of words because of cross-voting that has taken place at the local level. As a result, some of PMK’s official candidates have lost inspite of the alliance having a majority. This left PMK’s President Ramadoss fuming calling on TN Chief Minister Karunanidhi to maintain coalition dharma.

Today, Karunanidhi responded to the Ramadoss’ allegations. In a press release, Karunanidhi said that the DMK was also a victim of cross voting which has resulted in its official candidates loosing in some places like Kancheepuram. Although avoiding to pin point PMK as the sole cause for the incident, Karunanidhi said he didn’t want to blame PMK’s leadership for the defeat. However, he sought to pacify Ramadoss by claiming that the DMK’s leadership has already initiated disciplinary action against 3 MLAs as well as brought disciplinary proceedings against more than 18 DMK members.

But PMK leader Ramadoss doesn’t have any other option but to sulk and keep quite (since he and Jayalalitha aren’t in the best of terms). Another ally of the DMK, the CPM is also not happy with the DMK leadership. It’s leaders openly blame DMK for some of its candidates to lose in places like Nagercoil. Karunanidhi should try to satisfy his coalition partners or otherwise it might lead to realignments.


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    k onda banda soy el *****noderrrrrrrr*********della pmk

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