Vijaykanth’s drinking problem exposed?

In a hard hitting statement yesterday, Jayalalitha hit out at the DMDK’s leader Vijaykanth for claiming to be the political heir of the late ADMK leader MGR. DMDK’s recent stupendous performance in the Madurai by-election has the ADMK very worried. But one thing that stands out in the statement was Jayalalitha referring the DMDK leader’s recent poll promises as “blabbering of some under the influence of liquor”. She continued, “Those who consume liquor everyday have no right to utter the name of MGR. The concerned people know whom I am referring to”.

According to Chennaionline, Congress MLA Peter Alphonse accused Vijaykanth “of having come to the state Assembly drunk”, which was violation of the privilege of the Assembly. In fact, a fellow blogger Kaps referred to this during the campaigning for the assembly polls in a post titled “High and dry’. In the post, Kaps said that the local media totally ignored this and only Outlook’s S Anand made a note of this. While film stars drinking is not something new, but to drink before campaigning or coming to TN state assembly drunk is totally a different story IMO. Please feel free to state your opinion in the comment section.


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  1. stalin on

    Drinking is not bad until it is not disturbing others.

    No Politicians is Perfect

  2. stalin on

    Drinking is not bad until it is not disturbing others.

    No Politician is Perfect

  3. ganesh on

    When u are drinking you know u are harming ur own body, when a politician is corrupt he/she is harming the whole nation.

  4. dinesh ezeikel on

    Captain Vijaykath’s DMDK’s performance in the Madurai by-election has worried Madam Jayalalitha
    a lot,so Madam does not know what to do and she is
    giving these type of statement,people know very well about Captain and also Madam Jayalalitha,Captain is Great.

  5. Anand on

    There is a saying that a drunk man always looses the sense of materialisim and does only good things knowingly.

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