Civic or Uncivic Polls?

Violence gripped the state during the local body elections today. Online portal Newstodaynet equated this poll to a Bihar like situation, while Hindu said the election was more uncivic that civic. Both sides blamed each other for being the perpetrators of violence. Chief Minister Karunanidhi lashed out at Jayalalitha claiming that she was making false allegations against him and that the ADMK was upset that it could not engage in bogus voting as it had earlier done during 2001 polls.

The opposition parties in the state demanded either a repoll or nullification of results for the civic polls for the Chennai Corporation. Infact, the ADMK has field a petition in the High Court seeking to declare the poll process as null and void. Both DMDK and BJP said they are boycotting the poll process as the ruling party has engaged in bogus voting thus ensuring victory to its candidates. If you would like to share your experience and taughts on this topic kindly do so in the comments section…


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  1. stalin on

    The normal custom in Bihar is first come first basis!!!!!!!

  2. stalin on

    The normal custom in Bihar is first come first serve basis!!!!!!!

  3. karthik on

    I heard that in our area, the local cable operator who is quite a popular ADMK figure in the area, has waived 2 months of cable TV costs for everyone in the area asking for votes.

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