Candidates for Madurai by-election

The Deputy Mayor of the Madurai Municipal Corporation, Gowz Batcha, is the DMK nominee for the by-election. Since the DMK held the seat in the current assembly, he would certainly be favored to win. But its surprising that Chief Minister Karunanidhi didn’t select family members of the late DMK leader PTR Palanivelrajan, since they could have received some sympathy among the electorate.

VV Rajan Chellappa is chosen as the AIADMK candidate for the by-election. Winning will be very difficult, however a second place finish is essential for ADMK to maintain its status as the primary opposition party in the state.

MR Panneerselvam, who had joined DMDK after Raja Kannappan, leader of Makkal Tamil Desam, merged his party with DMK, is the DMDK’s nominee for the Madurai by-election. This election is crucial for the DMDK to see if the party still manages to get a good chunk of the votes as it did in the recently concluded assembly election.


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