Success = Family Connection?

What’s common between Prashant, Vijay, Surya, Dhanush, Silambarasan, ‘Jeyam’ Ravi and Vishal? If you guessed their ‘family connections’ to the film industry then you are spot on. News Today, a popular on-line portal, carried an interesting article which claims that success in today’s Tamil film industry largely depends on family connection.

In the past decade, this trend has almost become the norm of the industry. While, not everyone with good family connection has made it big (ex. Arun Kumar, Sibiraj, Manoj K Bharathy), its certainly made the life of many of these upcoming stars a lot easier. Vishal, son of prominent Telugu producer GK Reddy, says,

‘I owe my existence in the industry to my family. Because it is they who inspired me to enter filmdom. Doing films in home production give us some breather and leverage. However at the end of the day one has to be aware that only quality films with right values succeed. They helped me get my momentum going’ – News Today

So that begs the question – is this a good trend for the Tamil film industry? Will the industry benefit from such a trend? or will this lead to any negative or disastrous consequences? Your comments.


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  1. senthil kumaran on

    children follow the footsteps of their parents
    it becomes much easier for them this is not just seen in the movie industry you will notice in all professions including politics.

    nothing wrong as long it is not at the expence of a deserving person

  2. Eshwar S on

    thats exactly my point. it is mostly at the expence of a deserving person. here’s why? today you have producers who make movies for their sons. if that wasn’t the case someone deserving would have made it. if their sons/daughters are not talented enough it causes huge loses and this might well lead to disaster. ex. kunjumon

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