Forbes Magazine’s powerful women list

Forbes Magazine recently conducted a survey to determine the Top 100 most powerful women in the world. This year’s top honor goes to German Chancellor Angela Merkel who nudged aside U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. There were five Indians in the list. I was surprised to see that the most powerful of them wasn’t AICC President Sonia Gandhi but the new CEO of Pepsi Co Indra Nooyi. Sonia Gandhi was ranked 13th while Indra Nooyi was ranked 4th.

About Gandhi, Forbes said, “Gandhi is widely revered, especially among the country’s poor million and heads the ‘left-leaning’ party where she acts as opposition leader to pro-business Prime Minister Manmohan Singh… Gandhi frequently expresses concern that India’s astounding economic growth is leaving the poor behind and that her country is not doing enough to help its farmers”

About Nooyi, the magazine said few people could handle top posts at a company worth $100 billion.

Other’s in the list included Joint Chairpersons of ICICI Bank Gupte and Morparia at 93rd position while Vidya Chhabria, Chairperson of Jumbo Group, Dubai occupied the 95th place.


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    where can I find this list?
    I want to watch it…

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