Common Entrance Test

The Hindu carried an article which claims according to a recent survey 99% of rural students favor the abolishing of Common Entrance Test (CET) while 80% of urban students favor the exam. A sharp urban-rural divide indeed. Regarding the reasons for this divide the article claims,

The major reasons for urban students seeking a CET are: It is a free and transparent method of assessment; gives a clear picture of the student’s aptitude; and ranking will be a problem without a CET, given the number of centums that the Plus-Two examinations offer in most subjects. A majority of the rural students sampled have only one reason to oppose a CET — the costs involved, both in coaching and payment for the test itself.” – The Hindu

This is a very disturbing statistic for proponents of the test. Now there are two ways to remedy this problem both slightly controversial. First, the Government could abolish the CET altogether and make the Plus Two board exam much more challenging. Or second, the Government could ban all coaching classes so that all students have a level playing field. I recognize various loopholes in the second scheme.

A sad part in the whole episode is the CET exam shouldn’t need any extra effort or special coaching as it basically tests students on the same material as the Plus Two board exam. However, CET exam is more challenging than the regular board exam which is essentially involves memorizing the text and doesn’t involve any critical thinking on part of the students.

Obviously, both the present DMK and previous ADMK Government have taken the easy way out by trying to totally abolishment of the exam. Doing so obviously won’t help matters since it will become impossibly hard to rank students based on their Plus Two board exam marks (given the high number of centums attained).


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  1. VM on

    The Common Entrance Test was introduced in Kerala because of many valid reasons pointing against the use of Pre-Degree/ Plus Two marks as a standard for ranking. I believe that CET is the best method for ranking.

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