DMK government drops satellite town project

There is one promise that the DMK government is not going to implement this term. The formation of a satellite city near Chennai was mentioned in the DMK’s election manifesto, the Governor’s address in the state Assembly and budget proposals, was aimed to help reduce the congestion in the Chennai city, was dropped from the agenda by the DMK government.

But the project has faced stiff opposition from one of DMK main ally, the PMK, which threatened to launch agitation if the DMK went ahead with the implementation of the project. The main grounds for the opposition was that nearby villagers would be displaced and cultivatable land would be used for building residential complexes. The principal opposition party in the state, the ADMK also opposed this project. In fact, ADMK chief Jayalalitha released a statement that infuriated Chief Minister Karunanidhi because it dragged his family members into the controversy.

“Let Karunanidhi send womenfolk from his family, his sons, daughters, grandchildren and relatives from the city to reduce congestion. Perhaps Karunanidhi is very fond of Thunai (partner). That is why he prefers a thunai nagaram (satellite town) for Chennai” – Jayalalitha’s statement on satellite town project

So with this project shelved, the DMK government should look into alternative ways to reduce the traffic congestion in the Chennai city.


4 comments so far

  1. Stalin on

    Let govt provide necessary infrasructure.Private sector will provide necessary housing & other utilities.

  2. Preston on

    there is always some one who stands when others sits… just to get noted , even if it ain a good cause

  3. Anonymous on

    exactly where it is coming………

  4. vinu on

    where it is coming thunai nagaram……..

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