Suicide cases on the rise in Chennai

NDTV carried the following story on the rising suicide trends in our city. It’s certainly not a good trend :-(. What could be the reason? Too much stress from parents? Or could it be because of a very competitive environment for the younger generations?

There is growing concern about the increasing number of suicide cases, particularly among youngsters, in Chennai. In order to battle this trend – just before the World Suicide Prevention Day, which is on September 10th – 27 students from the Adarsh Vidyala school in Chennai took a joint pledge not to commit suicide. Doctors at Royapettah government hospital, who organised the event, say that the exercise was necessary to build awareness among teenagers.

Statistics show that more and more young people between the ages of 15 and 29 in the city are committing suicide. Among the most common causes are parental pressure, failure in relationships and failure in exams. For instance, 15-year-old Sangeetha consumed acid because her mother scolded her for playing instead of studying. “Don’t ever try this, what I have done to myself. If your mother scolds you, be calm and don’t take a step like this,” said Sangeetha, Student. According to the police a growing number of cases of suicide attempts are being reported in the city.


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  1. senthil kumaran on

    its a stress filled world out there and kids are not able to take it. targets, parental pressure to achieve the almost impossible contribute a lot.
    population explosion has to be checked

    changing social patterns add up to the cause
    loss of joint family, no adults to guide or even talk to,

    school should have councellors identify students and along with the parents should guide and help the students

  2. Jeevitha on

    Hi, Am Jeevitha.
    I feel most of the student attempts suicide because of the pressure in school. In my own life i had an experience which i would like to share. In my 10th class i had a good score and my principle promised me that she wil give me science with maths group and at last, she said its not possible. Today though am working in an reputed organization, i still have the thought that i could not take my career as what i school is the first place where students are put with pressure.So my suggestion is than to have a counselor separately Principles should itself be in that position. Because she is the one who can decide the career of a student.

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