Congress walks out on the DMK

The UPA coalition in the state witnessed its first hiccups today, when the Congress decided to walkout of the assembly in protest against failure to get an assurance from Chief Minister Karunanidhi to take action against MDMK chief Vaiko. Vaiko had apparently made statements in favor of LTTE and warned the Centre against extending help to the Sri Lankan army. He warned that a “Kashmir like situation” would arise in Tamil Nadu if the Centre acted against the interests of Tamilians in Sri Lanka.

The Congress sought action against Vaiko for making such statements. But Karunanidhi remained non-committal on the issue. The CLP feeling snubbed walked out of the house in protest. Some DMK members then went to the chamber to assuage the Congress members. Finally after much persuasion, the Congress MLA returned back to the house.

It’s quite interesting to see Karnunanidhi’s reaction for the last couple of days to the situation vis a vie Sri Lanka. It looks more and more that his views are more closely aligned to that of Vaiko although he continues to maintain that Tamil Nadu government will follow the directives from the Centre.


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