DMK government’s performance “good”

A majority of people (about 67%) surveyed by Goodwill Communications, a NGO, termed the performance of the DMK government during its first 100 days as good. Chief Minister Karunanidhi’s performance was very well received by a whopping 78% of those surveyed. Even those who voted for the ADMK termed Karunanidhi as a respected Tamil leader. The survey found that MK Stalin as the best performing minister in the government.


People were so far supportive of the policy decisions of the DMK government. 43% of the people viewed the TN budget favorably, while 67% of the people supported the stance of the TN government with respect to the disinvestment of Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NLC). Making Tamil compulsory was the most popular policy decision of the DMK government. 77% of the people were supportive of this policy. Going forward, the survey found that continued popularity depends on the implementation of promises made in the DMK government’s manifesto as well as employment for youth.


The perceived favorability of the DMK regime was also reflected in the strong support for the UPA coalition. 47% now favored the alliance over the opposition. The survey also found that Vijaykanth remained an important factor. 91% of those who voted for Vijaykanth continued to support him. However, his support in Chennai appears to be waning. Just 59% said they would vote for his party should elections be held immediately.

The DMK and UPA coalition in the state should be pleased with the results. Their coalition has remained strong so far and continues to enjoy widespread support among the people of Tamil Nadu.


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