Chennai born Nooyi next CEO of Pepsi Co

Indra Nooyi was today selected as the next CEO of Pepsi Co. Nooyi was born in Chennai and studied at Madras Christian College before pursuing graduate degrees at Indian Institute of Management and Yale University. She started her career at Johnson and Johnson and also held important positions at Boston Consulting Group and Motorola.

Nooyi joined Pepsi Co in 1996 as a senior Vice-President and is presently serving as the company’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO). She will take over as CEO in May 2007. Pepsi Co will become the largest corporation to have a woman CEO surpassing the likes of Carly Fiorina (former CEO of HP) and Megan Whitman (current CEO of eBay).


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  1. Supporter on

    It is interesting to observe that she could not stay longer than 2 years at Motorola. I guess she is one of many that could not break the Cellular “transparent and fragile glass– as she has quoted– see article above; “… I’m sure a glass ceiling exists, but it’s both transparent and fragile so you can break it” (Business India, January 8, 2001)…”

    Not surprising given Motorola’s culture of 30-years VPs at the same spot and 300 of them (sitting in the same office for many many years). Can you imagine what she could have done to Motorola’s “razr-thin” margins (for more details, refer to Motorola’s Message Board”)? There is a message for MOTOs CTO- another Indian Woman!

    Many congratulations. I pray that she is blessed with success at Pepsi Co and hope she can read this comment.

  2. ARUNRAJ on

    i need to know about pepsi

  3. Noble on

    Hey MCCian!!! THIS LADY ROCKS!!!!

  4. pragya gupta on

    thax for showing the tralior of women’s power
    nw world shud be ready to see whole picture….
    by us

  5. shihab on

    excellent, motivate the women to come out from the four wall of confinement.

  6. anil babu on

    i would like to join in pepsi, so please mail me if any vacancies.

  7. rajesh verma on

    i am a regular custmor in pepsi brand.Today i found a Fly in Mirinda 300ml bottle.

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  9. PUSHAN on

    very good and upcoming soft drinks but the cost is not affordable and doesn’t reach all the segments.

  10. sravankumar on

    who is curent ceo of pepsi?

  11. sravankumar on

    i like pepsi

  12. monu soni on

    hai m in sales in pepsi i want to know future possibilities in pepsico

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