Jet Airway’s employee involved in terror plot?

Jet Airways confirmed yesterday that one of its employee Amin Asmin Tariq was among the 21 people arrested for allegedly planning to blow up American airlines flying from London to New York. Tariq, a British passport holder, was hired by Jet on March 2006. He was actually transferred to the company from a private security firm G4S after the airline ended its contract with the company. Jet Airways issued the following statement in regards to the arrest,

“Under U.K. employment legislation, TUPEE — Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations — was applicable which meant that Jet Airways had to take on those employees who had been employed by G4S prior to the airline bringing the contract in-house in respect of passenger service representatives. G4S is a reputable agency which provides services to British Airways, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, SAS [Scandinavian Airlines System] etc.,”

Jet Airways is already under investigation for possible links with terrorist organizations. The airline is also suspended from operating in the United States. So this incident further tarnishes the reputation of the airline.


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