Karunanidhi 4th most popular CM in India

A survey conducted by CNN IBN Live and The Hindu ranked M Karunanidhi as the 4th most popular Chief Minister in the country. He was ranked behind Bihar’s Nitish Kumar, Orissa’s Naveen Patnaik, and West Bengal’s Bhattacharaya. The rankings shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given that Karunanidhi was elected Chief Minister just a couple of months back and still is in his ‘Honeymoon’ period with the electorate. The complete set of CNN IBN – The Hindu rankings are as below,


In the survey for Lok Sabha election, the Congress led UPA Government was projected to win a comfortable outright majority (more than 300 seats) on its own. Its major opponent, the BJP led NDA was projected to suffer big losses (about 120 seats), while the Left Front’s tally remained unchanged. Finally the survey found that Sonia Gandhi as the most popular choice for Prime Minister with 27.9%, while former Prime Minister Vajpayee was second most popular with 18.5%. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh popularity stood at 12%.


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  1. Raghu Raman on

    Does unpopular also means popular??

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