Sprint-Nextel to go with WiMax network

US 3rd largest cellular provider Sprint-Nextel announced today that they will use WiMax technology to build their next generation high-speed network. Sprint-Nextel, which currently operates a combination of CDMA and IDEN networks, said that the new network will be deployed before the end of 2008. The company plans to spend about $4.5 billion to switch to WiMax networks. Intel, which is a major proponent of the WiMax technology, will supply equipments to build the new network, while Motorola and Samsung will provide WiMax enabled handheld.

WiMax networks are capable of delivering data speeds between 2 Mbps to 4 Mbps. This move comes as a major surprise to industry experts who expected Sprint-Nextel to go with Qualcomm’s OFDM network technology for building their high-speed networks. This move is probably a response to the recently reported poor subscriber numbers by company.


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