Top 10 Global Brands

Business Week has published a list of the Top 10 brands world-wide. To no surprise, Coca-Cola was ranked as the top brand. Software maker, Microsoft, was ranked at #2 followed by IBM, General Electric (GE), Intel, Nokia, Toyota, Disney, McDonalds, and Mercedes Benz.

The magazine also mentions that Telecommunication equipment maker Motorola and Computer maker Apple have regained brand value due to the popularity of their hot selling products, RAZR and iPod respectively. The magazine found that Google was the fastest growing brand with an increase of 46% over the previous year.


2 comments so far

  1. Stalin on

    Coke with pesticides in India

  2. Eshwar S on

    Coke’s brand value has decreased a little bit since a year ago. But these rankings are done world-wide so this issue relating to pesicide is confined only to India and as a result didn’t have much of an impact.

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