War brewing?

The cold war that was brewing between the Sri Lankan Government and the LTTE has turned into a full-fledged war. Last night, 24 Sri Lankan soldiers were presumably killed by the Tamil Tigers, when the convoy they were travelling was destroyed by a powerful blast. In an unrelated incident, LTTE also targeted a navy vessel transporting 800 odd unarmed soldiers on their way back to the base. This attack was however repulsed by the Sri Lankan navy and 3 LTTE boats were destroyed in the process.

Every since the change in Government in Sri Lanka, the peace process between the Government and LTTE has fallen apart. But now the tense situation has deteriorated into a full fledged war between the Tigers and the Sri Lankan Army. Countries like Finland, Denmark, and Sweden have also announced that they will be pulling out of the Sri Lankan Monitoring Mission. Let’s hope some last minute peace deal can be brokered between the two sides.


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