“Jobless Growth” in India – Forbes

Leading financial magazine Forbes warned that India faces the prospect of jobless growth saying that the Information Technology sector is too small to support the burgeoning work force. Forbes stressed on the need to expand the manufacturing and energy sectors, which are usually the primary drivers of job growth. Forbes also warned that the growing fiscal deficit could potentially stifle growth due to lower government spending. The magazine also reiterated the pitfalls of red tape, saying that the greater danger is that the will to reform the economy gets weaker the further down the bureaucracy one gets from central government.


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  1. Vijay Krishna on

    Another problem India could face is the regional disparity in creating jobs. The South has been able to surge ahead of the North.

  2. Stalin on

    But students still prefer IT education

  3. Eshwar S on

    @vijay – regional disparity usually solves itself if the market place expands sufficiently. its usually the case that once cities like bangalore, chennai, hydrabad reach their limits, companies will tend to move towards the interior as well as other northern states. however, these states should offer some economic incentives to expedite this trend…

  4. R.Arul on

    I m worked in CNC turning programmer&production planning,maintence work in ten year experience.

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