Land grabbing?

The CPI(M) has charged that ADMK chief Jayalalitha and her close associate Sasikala have grabbed land allotted to Dalits for their farmhouse at Siruthavur in Kanchipuram District during its tenure between 1991-96. Jayalalitha in a press release has however denied these allegations claiming that she only rented the place and that the property doesn’t belong to her or her close associate. She insists that charges are made by her detractors to create an “illusion of corruption”. She also threatened to sue the CPM for making these charges.

Chief Minister Karunanidhi told reports that he is waiting for a report from officials about the complaints from the Dalits who were allotted the land. Charges of corruptions against Jayalalitha isn’t something new. She has several cases pending against her for corruption during the 1991-96 rule. However, the facts that she has allegedly grabbed land from Dalits should have political repercussions should more evidence emerge.


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  1. Anonymous on

    These politicians should devote more time on developement rather than on petty issues

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