Will Airbus A350 rescue EAD?

EADS, the maker of Airbus passenger air-crafts, announced a $10 billion redesign of its discredited A350 long range mid size jet. EADS, which has been reeling under the news of the postponement of the A380 jumbo jet, has been under increased pressure by investors to regain moment from Boeing. Boeing has been taking back lost market-share from Airbus with the launch of 787 and 7E7 (Dreamliner). So far this year Boeing has significantly more orders than Airbus. Moreover, customers of Airbus have increasingly moving away from its A340 series of air-crafts because of significantly more fuel consumption. So EADS plans to add fuel efficiency features to the redesigned A350. Lets see if EADS can answer its critiques with this newly redesigned A350 series of air-crafts.


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  1. DV on

    That is the difference operating in a socialist economy like France (bailing out EADS everytime they screw up) and a capitalist economy which thrives under competition – DV

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