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Internet Video Search leader YouTube said on Sunday that its viewers are watching more than 100 millions videos a day. YouTube is an on-line service which allows users to post and view small video clips on-line for free. It has been spectacularly popular since its inception and its viewership has been increasing rapidly. The company is also working on generating ads for its portal. YouTube’s market-share in the on-line video business is at 60% and is far more popular than competing services like Google Video.


Another popular portal is MySpace, a leading social networking website. It is currently owned by News Corp, a big media conglomerate that owns Fox, Star, and New York Post. According to a survey released by Hitwise, MySpace ranks as the most popularly frequented portal in the world with a 19% market-share. It is more popular than Yahoo, AOL and even Google.


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  1. senthil kumaran on

    you tube -amazing how the internet has grown and technology being used.watching you tube is my favorite pastime activityand i think others will endross this

  2. Eshwar S on

    I second your comment. So many interesting things to watch…

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