A slap to the face?

Vijaykanth is once again in the news but this time not for the right reasons. He apparently slapped a close friend of his in front of a large number of people. The incident took place when Vijaykanth went to offer condolences to people who were affected by the fire at the famous Ranganathaswamy Temple in Srirangam. The exact reasons for Vijaykanth’s actions is not known. However, the local media who has gathered there caught the incident live.

In order to limit the damage caused by the incident, Vijaykanth met media persons at a hotel in Trichy and introduced the person he slapped. He claimed that he was a good old friend of his. If this is the pitiable position of a good friend I wonder what would have happened to the people of Tamil Nadu had Vijaykanth become the Chief Minister ;-)?


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  1. madhu on

    vijaykanth thinks that tamil nadu people are foolish. Once he will slap and then he will hug. He is acting in real life also. This is not cinema, my friend, this is life. He thinks that he can do everything like a hero in the film. first, let him set a way for himself inspite of copying the ways of other stars in cinema and real life.

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