A novel idea!

EVKS Elangovan is a politician of a kind. He is known for making statements that causes anger and outrage among both his allies as well as his opponents. But last week, the former TNCC president and Union Minister proposed a novel idea. He suggested that all the parties in Tamil Nadu contest the local body elections independently in order to ascertain their exact strength.

This according to me is an excellent idea and eliminates parties that flourish purely on the strength of allies (read PMK). Since neither the ADMK nor DMK would be willing to take such a risk in an assembly election, since much is at stake, the local body election would be an ideal platform for making such a determination. In the long run, it will benefit our state since the two major parties will no longer have to depend on fringe parties whose political strength remains untested.


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  1. senthil kumaran on

    good idea but not practical as they all want to win by whatever means possible.even small parties create an illusion that bigger parties win because of their support thereby projecting a false image in the minds of the people and politicians alike

    by law?

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