An apology?

For the first time the LTTE has expressed regret for the assassination of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. LTTE’s chief negotiator Anton Balasingham in an exclusive interview to NDTV called Rajiv Gandhi’s death a “monumental tragedy”. He appealed to the Indian Government to put aside past differences and approach the Sri Lankan ethnic issue from a different perspective. Reacting to the statement of Aton Balasingham, the Congress led UPA Government was unwilling to bury past differences.

I personally view the LTTE’s statement at this juncture with much cynicism. It looks like a ploy to get the Indian Government to intervene in the conflict given the fact that a war looks imminent in the island nation. I think it’s in India’s best interest to let the Norwegian mediators to broker truce between the two sides.


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  1. Stalin on

    India will not forgive & forget – Govt. Of India

    When they are at the receiving end, LTTE use all tricks, as they did in the past.

    Their friends in TN govt would have adviced them to issue such statements.

    If such things happen to US &US leaders, What would have been their reaction!!!

    US would have demolished LTTE base by now.

  2. senthil kumaran on

    did they really apologise?
    read the editorial in the hindu.

    let there be peace

    imagine the millions of displaced lankan tamils

    there is no home like your motherland

    peace should return to srilanka with or with out LTTE.

  3. Eshwar S on

    They didn’t appologize but they did express regret… Yes the focus should be on the norwegian backed peace process since the last thing the people need is a war between the SL govt and LTTE

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