Regaining Supremacy

World’s leading chip maker Intel unveiled its Xeon 5100 series micro-processors for server which benchmarks better than rival AMD’s Opteron micro-processor. For the past few years, AMD’s micro-processors have significantly outperformed Intel in almost all benchmarks. This led to AMD capturing 20% market-share. AMD was also able to strike deals with Dell, HP, and Sun. Now Intel has finally been able to respond to this challenge. Xeon 5100 formerly known as Woodcrest has clock speeds of up-to 3 Ghz and only consumes about 65 watts.

[Update] Yesterday, Intel announced that it will be selling its mobile phone processor division to Marvell. Intel’s Xscale mobile processor currently powers smartphones like RIM’s BlackBerry, Palm’s Treo and HTC’s Pocket PCs. This latest move by Intel has certainly baffled many leading analysts given that Intel was really making headway in capturing marketshare in the mobile / wireless space.


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