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A few days back we brought you the news about the attempted murder of MK Stalin, Local Administration Minister and son of Chief Minister M Karunanidhi, in Madurai. I had received a few comments from readers of this blog that this was a setup done just to provide Z-category security to Stalin. Today, DGP D. Mukherjee decided to elevate the security cover for Stalin to Z-category. While, this might have been a direct result of the incident, I would like to know your opinion regarding the incident. Do you believe that this incident was staged or do you think this episode was a real serious threat to MK Stalin? If this wasn't a setup, who do you think was behind for this act. You comments…


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  1. Stalin on

    better not to devote time/space for these slilly events. Concentrate on economic events,so that the country/society benefit from it.There are issues to be brought to public light

  2. senthil kumaran on

    i do agree with mr. stalin.
    it is obivious what happened.
    i think we can move ahead

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