End of an Era!

Microsoft's Chairman and founding CEO Bill Gates will resign his Chief Software Architect post in 2008. Bill Gates has been the face of Microsoft as they grew to become the world largest software company. He will continue to retain his position as the Charmian of the company but will no longer be involved in day to day development activities at Microsoft. He will now devote more time towards his philanthropic organization Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill Gates position will be taken by Ray Ozzie the Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Rise of Ray Ozzie

Ray Ozzie is one of the three CTOs of Microsoft is one of the most respected figures in the software industry. He was one of the founders of Lotus and was the lead developer of Lotus Notes Project, the popular Enterprise Email platform. After Lotus was acquired by IBM in the mid 90s, Ray Ozzie went on start his own company Groove Networks Inc, an on-line collaboration company. Groove Networks was later brought out by Microsoft for an undisclosed sum. Bill Gates himself has great respect for Ray Ozzie since the days of Lotus Notes. It therefore comes as no surprise that he takes over from Bill Gates as the Chief Software Architect of Microsoft Inc.


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