Will Captain go in for another innings?

Will he or won't he? That's the biggest question on everybody's mind in Kollywood as to whether actor Vijaykanth will seek another term as head of the Nadigar Sangam. So far Vijaykanth has chose to remain silent on the issue. Every since his party's spectacular performance in the Tamil Nadu assembly election, rumors have been circulating that Vijaykanth will not seek re-election as politics will keep him busy. In case he decides against seeking re-election, the choice of his successor also remains highly controversial as the two main Dravidian parties the ADMK and DMK would like to see its candidates get the coveted post.

DMK would ideally like actor Napolean to succeed Vijaykanth. But that's not likely given the scant support he commands among the actors in the Nadigar Sangam. ADMK would like either MLA S.Ve. Sekar or Sarath Kumar get elected to the top post. Rumors have been circulating that either Prabhu or Sathyaraj might emerge as consensus candidate. Election will be held on 30th June, so expect the next couple of weeks to have some interesting developments on this issue.


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