Karunanidhi’s affection for Kannagi statue explained!

On his 83rd birthday, Tamil Nadu CM M. Karunanidhi ensured that Kannagi's statue was back at the Marina Beach. In December 2001, then CM J. Jayalalitha cited bad vaastu and got it removed. Karunanidhi was heart-broken. In Tamil literature, Kannagi, the heroine of the Sangam-era epic Silappadikaram, is known as the icon of chastity. While Karunanidhi would have us believe that with the statue, Tamil self-respect has been restored, he's got another quite romantic reason. The model for the statue was Kalpana, a 1960s actress-socialite, whom Karunanidhi fancied. In 1968, the C.N. Annadurai government installed 40 statues, of which Karunanidhi inaugurated only Kannagi's. But it is more the model (Kalpana) than the symbol (Kannagi) that gave Karunanidhi solace.

Source: Outlook and Sambhar Mafia


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  1. senthil kumaran on

    interesting information, i wonder the source of information.
    what ever it may be i personally view kannagi as symbol of tamil feminity and chasity we have been reading about epic since childhood. Thanks to mk we have the statue back, whatever may be the reason.

  2. Tamil cinema Movie news on

    great information, interesting i enjoyed reading the stuff. yes we got it back again in marina beach..

  3. Anonymous on

    Very Interesting News, but actress Vijayakumari told in the interview that the model was taken from the movie Poompuhar…..

  4. theotherpov on

    Nice post. Checkout my view on Kannagi in my blog. Cult of Kannagi ~ The Other Point of View

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