Google’s Spreadsheet

Anything that Google releases makes news. So when Google announced the availability of a new online Spreadsheet application for selected number of users, it generated considerable hype. The Spreadsheet application can natively read the Microsoft's Excel Format as well as Comma Seperated Value (CVS) file format.

I briefly played with the application yesterday by trying out some Excel sheets with complex formulas and as I expected it didn't do so well. Moreover the editor seemed to have a very limited feature set, something uncharacteristic of a Google product. I will post a detailed review in one of my future posts.

But looking at the larger picture, this clearly spells out Google's intension of entering into the Office application space (Don't forget Google had earlier purchased Writely, a company that makes online word processing software). It will be interesting to see how their word and spreadsheet software will evolve over the future.


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