MK refuses to budge

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi refused to conceed to the request of the Tamil Nadu state Congress party's request to share power. Karunanidhi made it clear to reporters after his meeting with Congress President Sonia Gandhi that both parties had agreed before the polls that they will provide outside support to each other in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry respectively. He also told reporters that this issue did not come up for discussion during his meeting with Sonia Gandhi.

This statement is likely to cause heart burns for the state Congress which has over the last few days been putting posters across the state requesting the DMK to share power. The Congress Central leadership is unlikely to take up this issue and precipitate matters. So Congress' hope of returning to power after 30 odd years has to wait further 😦


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  1. senthil kumaran on


  2. KarthikMuthurajan on

    I know MK will not agree..and he already moved the things like that..And also, they have feared that if the chance is given, Congress may improve(?) their vote banks in TN.

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