A Normal day?

What was supposed to be the first normal day of the new assembly was anything but normal. Today the assembly session witnessed unruly scenes when Congress and ADMK members were engaged in angry exchanges during the motion of thanks to the Governor's address. Speaking during this motion, Congress MLA Peter Alphonse remarked that the previous ADMK government didn't properly utilize the funds meant for the desalination project allocated by the Centre. The ADMK members were soon on their feet rebutting the charges to which Peter Aphonse sarcastically remarked that some former minister of the ADMK were still under the delusion that they were ministers of the state. This resulted in heated exchanges between the Congress and ADMK MLAs, mikes and foot wear were thrown at each other. Soon other party members got involved and resulted in chaos and confusion. Speaker Avudaiappan ordered the eviction of the ADMK MLAs. Later he suspended them from rest of the session.


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  1. Pi on

    I was surprised that MK didn’t jump into the ‘Kola panraangappa’ mode! He just hinted it in his statement after that. 🙂

    Think of it. An 83 year old comeback CM with so many promises for TN. Tamizhagam thaanguma? :-))

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