Grades are out!

No I am not writing about yesterday's 12th standard exam results 😉 but rather on the ratings of the performance of the ministers in the Manmohan Singh cabinet. Popular News Magazine India Today recently released their assessment of the performance of cabinet ministers at the centre. Tamil Nadu minister aren't doing too bad. The best performing minister from Tamil Nadu is Finance Minister P Chidambaram (Hopefully that didn't change after Black Monday). He is ranked 3rd place, and is closely followed by Information and Communication Minister Dayanidhi Maran. Anbumani Ramadoss' ranks surprisingly higher than Mani Shankar Aiyar. Others like TR Balu and Raja are ranked 21st and 25th respectively. GK Vasan who was recently inducted into the cabinet gets 35th rank. The overall best performing minister is NCP's Praful Patel. Not that these ranks mean anything, but at-least it makes our minister to get their act together.


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  1. Praveen on

    Isnt the protfolio for these top guys such that the new Indian economy and FDI will push it forward regardless of what they do or dont. Economy, Telecomm, I&B.. And btw, who is ranking these jokers anyway..

  2. Vijay Krishna on

    It’s a farce. Just like any other magazine rankings, this might have been bought.

  3. Eshwar S on

    India Today did the ranking.

    @vijay krishna
    himm with Laloo at #2, you might have a point

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