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We plan on continuing the viewer's opinion section as we did during the Tamil Nadu assembly elections to facilitate greater debate. In this week's section, we would like to know your opinion regarding the future of the ADMK after its defeat in this election. Do you think that Jayalalitha would still continue to hold firm as the party's head and will she be able to position her party as the main alternative to the DMK? Do you think she will start grooming a successor for the party or will that have to wait at-least until the next election? and finally who do you think she will ally with during the Lok Sabha elections? Your comments…


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  1. senthil kumaran on

    ADMK will come back with a bang.

    J is not old enough to look for a successor

    ADMK’s vote share is the highest, i think ,there is no question of writing off j or ADMK

    regarding lok sabha ,it all depends on the congress- DMK relationship in the state now that congress wants to share the power.

  2. Pi on

    This election has not been a rout in any sense of the word for ADMK. They have consolidated well in Chennai which was a surprise for many and have lost by a few 100s of votes in many constituencies. They are the second largest party. I think J is looking to develop the second rung. The intent is there in projecting Dr.Maithreyan as the spokesperson for the party and now, OP as the party leader in the assembly. I think ADMK will continue to consolidate in the coming years. She has to remove some of the autocratic image that she has built up. Otherwise she is one of the strong leaders that we need to look to in the future elections.

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