Congress now wants a share in government!

Days after accepting to a DMK led minority government in the state, the Congress party has reversed its stand and is now asking for a share in the government. This was made clear by the Congress observer to the state Veerapa Moily, who said the DMK must include all its allies in the government in the interest of stability. Apparently, the state Congress leaders have successfully managed to persuade its central leadership on this issue, especially because the DMK is part of the UPA government at the Centre.

One wonders how the DMK is going to react to these new developments. It must be recollected that EVKS Elangovan was reprimanded by the DMK for his statements favoring a coalition government in the state before the elections. But the DMK might not have the same bargaining power it once had since it is now dependent on the support from the Congress for a stable government in the state. Either the DMK will have to withdraw a few ministers from the Centre or will have to allot a few ministries to satisfy the Congress and its other allies.


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  1. senthil kumaran on

    the congress should have done this earlier, but it is not late, mk will not be that magnanimous but he does not have a choice. the other point is who will be included in the ministry, with a lot of in fighting it will be a lot of fun to watch

  2. Narasimhan on

    @senthil kumaran:
    The DMK, rather, should have opted for a coalition government. Because, the mandate is such. Despite his rich experience, I am unable to comprehend as to why Mr.Karunanidhi chose to form a minority government. However, in my opinion, as long as the PMK and the Communists don’t join the Congress, this minority government has no threats in terms of numbers. The point is can the DMK count on the support of the PMK ?

    The Congress at the Centre can not that easily dislodge the DMK Ministers from its cabinet as the Left may not take it too kindly what with its possible 3rd front agenda. In the end, it’s a piquant situation for the Congress.

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