Aarasiyal le Idha ellam sagajam appa!


The highly respected Lok Paritran party started by an ex-IITian suffered a vertical split yesterday when three out of the seven candidates who contested the Tamil Nadu assembly elections quit the outfit alleging favourtism, non-transparency, and castesim within the party. The party leadership was also accused of double standards and dictatorship.

These candidates were apparently angry at the favourtism provided to Mylapore candidate S Vasudev, who is the chief advisor of the party. The three rebel candidates have decided to float a new political outfit that would keep with the original ideology envisaged by Lok Paritran.

Source: Chennaionline


4 comments so far

  1. chennaitoday on

    The title was from one of the comments from surya at kaps’ sambhar mafia blog

  2. Pi on

    It is a dialogue by Goundamani from some movie. This is what they say, Paritrana means. 

    Complete relief implying the end of the very cause of distress.

     Seems, it is short term relief for the people.

  3. Narasimhan on

    Not relief but ‘complete distress’ for all those who were hoping that Lok Paritran was in to redefine Indian Democracy.

  4. lindhorst on

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