Interview with Lok Paritran

My friend Vijay Krishna recently interviewed Lok Paritran's Mylapore candidate S Vasudev, whose impressive performance in the recently concluded Tamil Nadu assembly election has made people take note of him and his party. He was asked questions on a wide range of interesting topics like the future of the party, his opinions on caste reservations etc.

So how does it feel to have performed impressively in your maiden election?

It is a good feeling. We are enthused by the response from the electorate in Mylapore. Of course, given that it was a spontaneous decision to contest these elections, and also that we had limited resources at our disposal, we have reason to feel satisfied at having made a decent start

There have been a few who have remarked that your party did not campaign enough…

(smiles) I don't think that is true. The fact is we went on a door-to-door campaign, but the response that you get from people during a door-to-door campaign may not be taken as a certain vote for you. People tend to vote according to allegiances.

For the complete interview click here


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