Vijaykanth the real life superstar?

Every Tamilian knows who the reel life superstar is. But things in reel life don’t mirror real life. A few months back, my friend Vijay Krishna wrote an interesting piece on this blog about the missed opportunity by Rajnikanth to enter Tamil Nadu politics. His inability to make a decisive decision at a critical point in time ultimately cost him.

But, the same cannot be said of another film actor Vijaykanth. In spite of not being as famous and successful as Rajnikanth, he decided to plunge into politics last November. He actively promoted his party by campaigning for it in all corners of the state. In spite of the fact that there were no experienced politicians in his party, it managed to get a remarkable 8.3% of the total votes in the 2006 assembly elections. What was most impressive was that support for DMDK was not limited to certain areas. It managed to put up an impressive showing in all regions of the state.

People now see Vijaykanth as a viable alternative to the two major Dravidian parties. Furthermore, his bold strategy of taking on the PMK, a caste based outfit, in its own turf of northern Tamil Nadu is being viewed favorably by the masses. His victory at Virrudhachalam is a pointer to this. Also the unpopularity of MK Stalin and the lack of a second rung leadership within the ADMK should certainly be favorable to him. The future certainly looks bright for Vijaykanth and he can really make it big if he can play his cards well. Only time will tell…


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  1. Narasimhan on

    Hi! What you have stated is absolutely true. Vijaykanth, would be a true contender to the CM’s gaddi in the next elections if only he focuses more on Politics. He has to act in films too in order to support his fledgling party, financially. The kind of guts and determination he had shown in the recent past, I am sure, he would cross the hurdles in the years to come.

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