ADMK selects legislature party leader

The principle opposition party in the state, the ADMK named O Panneerselvam as their legislature party leader. ADMK chief Jayalalitha made the announcement yesterday. She also selected former ministers Sengottaiayan as the deputy leader, and D Jayakumar as the whip. She also made it clear that she would attend assembly only "if necessary" citing concerns about the mistreatment that she was mented out during her stint as the leader of opposition during 1989 when the DMK was in government.


2 comments so far

  1. Praveen on

    1989 ? Thats like 17 years back.
    Someone tell her that its not going to happen anymore.
    She is no more attractive for getting stripped 😉

    (Andipatti people should not elect her again, if does not go the assembly this is time )

  2. Narasimhan on

    When there is a precedent, Praveen’s comments are not justified. In the case of Jaya there is the 1989 incident as a valid reason. But how can anyone justify Mr.Karunanidhi’s absence from the Assembly during 2001-2006.

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