Judgement Day – Verdict ’06 (contd…)

[11:55 am] Online portal Rediff has the DMK alliance leading in 160 seats and the ADMK alliance leading in 71 seats. Vijaykanth is the lone candidate leading for DMDK. In Pondicherry, it now appears that the DPA alliance is ahead. NDTV has DPA leading in 14 seats while ADMK is leading in 4 seats.

[11:34 am] In Pondicherry, ADMK+ is leading in 10 seats and DPA in 3 seats. Former Chief Minister Vaithilingam has won, but DMK's Janakiraman has lost his seat. Meanwhile, Chief Minister Rangaswamy is facing a tough battle.

[11:21 am] The trends from all the 234 seats are now available. The DMK alliance is leading in 150 seats and the ADMK alliance is leading in 80 seats. Others are leading in 4 seats. A few results have also been released. Ministers D Jayakumar and Pannerselvam has won from Royapuram assembly segment. Meanwhile, Manoj Pandian (ADMK) has lost his assembly seat.

[11:13 am] The latest leads according to NDTV is that DMK+ is ahead in 152 seats and ADMK+ is ahead in 76 seats. Meanwhile, New Indian Express has the DMK+ leading in 142 seats and ADMK+ leading in 84 seats. CNN-IBN Live has DMK+ leading in 150 seats and ADMK+ leading in 79 seats. So far the exit poll predictions have been very accurate.

[10:47 am] Peter Alphonse is now leading. Former assembly speaker PTR Palanivel Rajan is leading in Madurai. Vasanth Kumar, Congress candidate for Naguneri assembly seat, is also leading. The latest trends from Indian Express have DMK+ leading in 135 seats and ADMK+ leading in 89 seats. According to NDTV, DMK+ is leading in 142 seats and ADMK+ is leading in 79 seats.

[10:35 am] NDTV has DMK alliance leading in 135 seats and ADMK alliance leading in 81 seats. ADMK alliance is leading in all seats in the Coimbatore region. Where as the DMK is sweeping the deep south in the Kanyakumari district. The exit polls are proving to be pretty accurate this time around.

[10:28 am] ADMK's candidate Bader Sayeed is now leading in Triplicane. In Thondamutur, SR Balasubramaniam is leading M Kannapan. Former MP Peter Alphonse (Congress) is trailing. Also PH Pandian's son Manoj Pandian (ADMK) is trailing. In Mylapore it looks like a neck to neck race with a slight lead for DMK candidate and film actor Napolean.

[10:17 am] Conflicting reports are emerging for Pondicherry. NDTV reports that DPA alliance is in the lead, while New Indian Express and online portal Rediff report that ADMK alliance is leading. The Hindu has Chief Minister Jayalalitha ahead in Andipatti, while O Pannerselvam is trailing in Periyakulam assembly segment.

[10:07 am] The ADMK alliance is leading in 3 seats in Pondicherry. The DPA alliance is leading in 5 seats. So looking at the early trends, it looks like the Congress led DPA alliance in the Union Territory might not win a big majority as was expected. While in Tamil Nadu, DMK continues to lead. Its alliance is leading in 138 seats, and ADMK+ is leading in 77 seats. Others are leading in 10 seats.


6 comments so far

  1. Muthu on

    what about stalin?

  2. Vijay on

    Pondicherry update Jaya TV lendhu edutheengala??

    According to NDTV,

    Party Leads
    INC+ 17
    ADK+ 4
    BJP 0

  3. Anonymous on

    Namma Tamil Makkal thirundhave maatanga. I thought VKanth’s DMDK will atleast win 10 to 20 seats but nope. We are not yet ready for some good politcs

  4. Eshwar S on

    @vijay no we got the results from new indian express. they later corrected it. i have also mentioned it immediately above. sorry about that.

  5. Shahul on

    You mean to say that TamilNadu peoples are good only if they vote for Vijayakanth? grrr

  6. Doctor Bruno on

    It is not strange that Rediff report ADMK as leading in Ponsicherry… After all that portal fooled every one outside Tamil Nadu that JJ is going to get 230 seats

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