Judgement Day – Verdict ’06

Folks, I am sure all of you are eagerly waiting for the results of the 2006 Tamil Nadu assembly election. In a few hours from now, results will start coming in from the counting centers. We will be updating you with live results from a variety of news sources. So stay tuned!

[9:57 am] Other candidates who are also leading include DMK deputy general secretary Ponmudi, Vishnu Prasad son of TNCC president, Durai Murugan, and former chief minister O Paneerselvam. The break down of leads in the DPA alliance is as follows: DMK is leading in 63 seats, Congress in 21 seats, CPM in 8 seats, and PMK is leading in 7 seats. This certainly proves that PMK has lost its influence among the members of the Vanniyar community.

[9:48 am] As per the latest trend, DMK+ is leading in 110 assembly constituencies, and ADMK+ is leading in 63 seats. Others are leading in 4 seats. SV Sekar is leading in the Mylapore assembly segment by a slender margin. ADMK is also leading in Park Town. The latest trends according to NDTV is that DMK+ is leading in 114 seats, and ADMK+ is leading in 71 seats. DMDK is leading in 1 seat and others in 2 seats.

[9:36 am] Among those leading in their respective constituencies are DMK chief Karunanidhi, his son MK Stalin, DMK general secretary Anbazhagan, Arcot Veeraswamy, and minister Jayakumar. DMDK chief Vijaykanth is leading in the Viruddachalam assembly segment. Those trailing include Jayalalitha's friend Badar Sayeed, and minister Valarmathi.

[9:30 am] The New Indian Express has DMK alliance leading in 105 seats and ADMK alliance leading in 56 seats. The CNN IBN live now has DMK+ leading in 114 seats, ADMK+ leading in 64 seats and others leading in 7 seats. NDTV has DMK+ leading in 101 seats, ADMK+ leading in 53 seats, and others leading in 2 seats. So according to the trends, it looks like DMK is all set to form the next government.

[9:22 am] According to NDTV, DMK alliance is leading in 81 seats and the ADMK alliance is leading in 42 seats. DMDK is leading in 2 seats. Early trends for is also Pondicherry emerging. The INC and ADMK are leading in 1 seat each.

[9:11 – 9:15 am] The latest individual party positions are as follows: DMK – 29, ADMK – 18, INC – 7, CPM – 3 and MDMK – 2. The current lead positions according to DD News is that the DMK+ is leading in 76 seats and ADMK+ is leading in 42 seats. Others lead in 6 seats. The latest trend from New Indian Express is DMK is ahead in 51 seats, the ADMK is ahead in 30 seats and others in 3 seats.

[9:02 am] The new trends as per CNN-IBN live indicates that the DMK+ is leading in 30 seats, and the ADMK+ is leading in 15 seats. others are leading 2 seats. According to DD news, DMK+ is leading in 48 seats, the ADMK+ is leading in 27 seats and others in 5 seats.

[8:53 am] CNN-IBN live has DMK+ leading in 10 seats and the ADMK+ leading in 6 seats. The DMDK is ahead in 2 seat.

[8:49 am] According to the early trends, the DMK+ is leading in 5 seats and the ADMK+ in 1 seat.


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  1. Anonymous on

    Hi, Pls keep updating live.. I live abroad and have no means of knowing the results live..

  2. Anonymous on

    I live abroad and there is n o chance of knowing the election results, please keep us updating.


  3. Craze Maze on

    Good.keep updating.

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    thank you very much

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    what is the latest news?

  6. Anonymous on

    really a good job!!!!

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    latest news please….

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    who is leading?

  9. Muthu on

    Please check the date and time.

  10. Anonymous on

    latest news…..

  11. Eshwar S on

    guys to prevent clustering of news, i have moved some news over to a new post. every 2 hrs i will create a seperate post with live updates

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