Opinion Poll

So campaigning for the 2006 Tamil Nadu assembly election has finally come to an end. Voting will take place in two days time. In order to capture the pulse of the voters we decided to conduct an opinion poll.

Who do you think will win the 2006 assembly elections in Tamil Nadu?
Free polls from Pollhost.com

We also take this opportunity to thank all of you for visiting our blog. Also stay tuned as we bring live results when the votes are counted on May 11th. So don't miss it!


8 comments so far

  1. senthil kumaran on

    many thanks for the excellent coverage and interactions and insights,

    what are the future plans reg.this blog

  2. Eshwar S on

    @senthil kumaran

    As you know we started this blog with the sole intension of covering the assembly elections.

    But now due to the excellent response to this blog we plan to continue blogging.

    We are in the process of finalizing topics & themes for the new blog. All the topics will have a chennai / tamil nadu angle to it. If you have ideas / suggestions / comments about topics or themes, please free to let us know. We will be glad to incorporate them.

  3. Hi on

    Eshwar & Vijay – Kudos for your superb posts. Don’t wind up the show. May be you can keep track as to how the promises made are implemented – whichever alliance wins. Since it may be sometime before they attempt to turn the promises into realities, you can monitor & write about their process. You could also track the excuses they may put out for not doing things that were promised. Anyway it was good, clean effort and keep it up.

  4. Karthik on

    My forecast is that Amma will win the elections hands down. Amma sort of won the ‘war of freebies'(as cho calls it) for me. The issues about Sun TV’s dominance and an aging Karunanidhi, IMO, would have worked against the DMK. May 11 will come out with the truth.

  5. Prasanna on

    Hi Eshwar/Vijay

    Spectacular show.Really both of you guys did a fab job

    Also Vijay-congrats on becoming a Desipundit contributor.Hopefully you bring a south focus which is sorely missing

  6. Anonymous on

    Poll powered by Pollhost. Poll results are subject to error.” =))

  7. Yuva on

    This blog poll seems to reflect the general conception that this election is going to nothing less than a close battle .At the moment i can see that bith ADMK amd DMK have exactly the same no of votes.

  8. Eshwar S on


    Thanks for the ideas. We will definitely be around to see how our next chief minister is going to keep up his word.


    The exit polls have predicted the exit of the Jayalalitha led government. How truthful are these polls? well we will know May 11th!


    Thanks a lot. I am also hopeful that Vijay will bring the southern focus to Desipundit.


    Sorry mate thats the limitation of using a free poll 😦 Either ways this poll is just to gauge the views of the visitors of this blog and isn’t scientific in any ways.


    Well the poll has shifted more towards dmk. Probably yesterdays exit polls is the reason for this.

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