Battle for Pondicherry – An Analysis

Like in Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry is witnessing a battle between the DPA and the DPF fronts. The alliance partners are the same in the Union Territory as in Tamil Nadu. But, there is one big difference. The Congress is the dominant party in the DPA alliance. The Congress party has led successive governments in the Union Territory and is quite formidable on its own strength. This election, the Congress is contesting in 16 seats. The DMK also has a strong presence in the Union Territory. They are contesting in 11 seats, while the PMK is contesting in 2 seats and CPI in 1 seat.

On the other hand, ADMK has formed an alliance with P Kannan led PMC, MDMK, DPI, and JD(S). While the ADMK is the dominant partner of the coalition, Kannan has a strong following based on the performance of his party in the previous election. However, his constant switching of parties might have affected his credibility among the masses.

So based on the combined arithmetic of the DMK and Congress, one would expect them to safely form the next government. Also like Tamil Nadu, there isn't any anti-incumbency against the government. People seem to be quite happy with the performance of Chief Minister Rangaswamy. So a Congress led coalition government is likely to emerge in Pondicherry.


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