Karunanidhi’s Interview with IANS

Q: You sought votes in the 2004 general elections saying it was your last election. Why you are back seeking votes?

A: I find myself still hale and hearty and can serve the people effectively for some more time. So why should I not contest again? I am sure the people will understand.

Q: What are the issues in these elections? In earlier elections corruption of the Jayalalitha government was a major issue. But this time the perception is that she has done well on the development side and has also tackled the tsunami relief satisfactorily.

A: Corruption is still an issue and we will expose her (Jayalalitha) thoroughly before the public. Recently a 102-acre land was allotted to a Singapore consortium at a ridiculously low price. We were planning to make this public, but Jayalalitha came to know about it and held an urgent cabinet meeting to cancel the allotment. (Smiles) The Singapore party is now planning to go to a court. As far as the tsunami relief is concerned, the less said the better.

Q: You have announced measures like rice for Rs.2 a kg and free TVs. How are you going to implement them?

A: Would we talk about things that are not possible to achieve? If we plug the loopholes, this could be done easily.

Q: Your party is always against coalitions and Tamil Nadu has never had one so far. Now that you are contesting just 130 seats, how do you hope to get a majority on your own?

A: Although we are contesting fewer seats, I am hopeful we will win a majority. Our allies will also do well. Our coalition should dislodge the anti-people government. Even if we don't win, she (Jayalalitha) should not win (he says with a twinkle in his eyes).

Q: Your party does not have any other chief ministerial candidate. Your critics say that if you win, you may install your son Stalin as chief minister.

A: I am not going to die tomorrow. Anyway why should I nominate my successor? When Annadurai (former chief minister and party's founder) died he did not nominate me although he had hinted that I should succeed him. The others in the party took note of that and made me the chief minister.

Stalin has been in public life for quite some time. After the 2004 general elections the Congress leaders suggested that he should be made a minister but I refused. Did not Rajaji's (C. Rajagopalachari) son become a MP?

Q: Who is supporting Jayalalitha?

A: Brahmins of this state want her to come back. They are solidly behind her.

Q: Where are the Brahmins? Most of them have left the state and are living aboard?

A: The Brahmins still have an influence and they think if Jayalalitha comes back they will rule.

Q: Did Sonia Gandhi consult you before she decided to resign from Lok Sabha?

A: No, she did not. She took us by surprise. However, I think her sacrifice will go down well with the people.


4 comments so far

  1. ARAVINTH on

    See who are all behind Jaya
    They are puckka Bramin

  2. Vijay Krishna on

    @Aravinth: Even Dayanidhi Maran is married to a Brahmin. Does that make MK and DM mortal enemies?

  3. Sam Rajan on

    Mr. Karunanidhi was the one who lead the movement of “get rid of brahmins from Tamil Nadu” many years ago. I thought since years have passed, he got matured and will not go back to the old ‘hate you’ policy. It is sad he did not. How can a person with such a venom in his heart against a particular caste can rule a state. TN is the most peaceful state in India and Mr. Karunanishi wants to change it. Old man should quit politics and make peace with hiself.

  4. Anonymous on

    It is very sad to note that a person who was Chief Minister Tamilnadu four times and still aspiring to come back to power always thinking and talking of
    “caste” and “religion”. If at all Brahmins as a caste support Jayalalitha ,it shold be only because of Karunanidhi’s wrong ideas on brahmins. No sane person can agree any more with Karunanidhi’s such talks

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