ADMK’s AIFB problem – An Analysis

One of the problems that the ADMK must overcome to win this election will be to limit the vote share of the All India Forward Bloc (AIFB). AIFB is now headed by Tamil film actor Karthik and is contesting independently in about 62 seats this election (It earlier planned on contesting in 72 seats). The AIFB receives good support from the dominant Thevar community. This community voted overwhelmingly for the ADMK party in the previous elections, but this election it could be different. The reason for this is Karthik himself hails from the Thevar community and has a strong following within the community. Moreover, ADMK is now in alliance with the Dalit Panthers of India (DPI). A rivalry exists between the Dalit and Thevar communities in southern TN. This could result in loss of votes for the ADMK. A few days back during campaigning, Karunanidhi made a reference to this issue. The ADMK on the other hand has tried to play hard ball with Karthik faction of the AIFB. A number of AIFB candidates have been pressurized to switch over to the ADMK and not contest the election. A few others who refused to budge were threatened. With elections this close, ADMK seems to take no chances with the AIFB, but it remains to be seen if the damage can be curtailed.


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  1. HI on

    The best joke that has happened in this Election is Karthik. No, I am not talking only of his dialogue delivery ishstyle or the sunglasses he always wears. But the clumsy way in which he has gone about the whole thing right from waiting at the gates of the Garden, meeting with KK, tall talk on Devar pride ( of which he knows nothing is the irony ) choice of candidates, threat (?) of contesting in Andiaptti et al. He was never serious about anything in this election. There was not a single meeting or press conf., that he attended in time. Even he will be surprised if he gets vote share by the 10th decimal of a %.

  2. Kaps on

    I have a strong feeling that DMK is paying AIFB and promoting Karthik thru its channels. Also heard that Karthik doesn’t appear in public without his wig and makeup đŸ™‚

  3. Anonymous on

    Please come to South Tamilnadu and see what happens. Young generation of Thevar community is very much with Karthik. In fact, torturing the AIFB candidates by the ADMK and the DPI factor has outraged them.

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