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Yesterday, the Indian Express came up with a startling revelation that Union Minister Dayanidhi Maran tried to misuse his official position by trying to persuade the Tata Group into adding SUN TV as a partner in the Tata-News Corp DTH joint venture. Also what is more startling is that fact that Dayanidhi Maran demanded that Tata Group give SUN TV a huge concession. DTH connectivity is crucial to SUN TV for maintaining its leadership. Given that elections are so close and with the fact that the ruling ADMK led DPF alliance is trying to use role of SUN TV as a key election issue, do you think this might blow up into a huge controversy and affect the election prospects of the DMK?


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  1. Kaps on

    most of the electorate may not even know what DTH means. this is too late in the day to make any considerable impact.

  2. Karthikeyan Muthurajan on

    I dont think it will impact..But may turn atleast .05% votes :-))

  3. Vijay Krishna on

    This has the makings of a big controversy, but it has come too late to make an impact on the May 8 polls. The public would only consider it another in a long list of Vaiko’s rants against Sun TV.

  4. manlion on

    The Tamil people would wake up only when they hear one day that these swindlers (both Dravidian Parties included) have swallowed the entire Tamilnadu. After all what Indian Express has reported is nothing to do with Tamilnadu. So far we have heard of ruling party indulging in rowdyism within their states only. Now, here’s a Central Minister setting a new example. Come on, Lalu Yadav. There’s someone trying to overtake you.

  5. Anonymous on

    Now, it is clear how Maran Group Publications, Kunkumam, Dinakaran etc., are able to offer free gifts.

  6. Anonymous on

    i think it will affect 2 to 3 % of vote

  7. Prasanna on

    Hi Eshwar/Vijay

    I am not sure on the electoral impact of this issue

    However this is my take on the l’affaire Dayanidhi

  8. senthil kumaran on

    hi eshwar,
    not many among the voters know about DTH,it may not have any say in the outcome of the elections.the TATA’s have maintained silence instead of clarifying it.

    it brings to a new topic of abuse of power

  9. h on

    First of all DTH is not under Daya’s Ministry. Secondly, he would not be so brazen to do this that too to Tatas of all Groups. This is one of those rantings of NIE which is part of current trend of sensationalising anything & everything to improve circulation. NIE (previously IE) has done this for decades and gone nowhere. e.g IE’s campaign against Reliance for almost 25 years now. This is just a well designed political move. I see the hands of BJP + AIADMK in this but perhaps has come a little too late.

  10. Doctor Bruno on

    IF they (NIE) had send a similar questionaire to MIDAS and published that also, we can give credibility to the paper

  11. jagannaths on

    Tamil Nadu today has no viable alternative. It is only the Dravidian parties that will take their turns. Tamil Nadu will see real progress and will be on the road to properity, the day Dravidian parties are packed off. It is a shame on the Congress party that it cannot but ride on either of these. The congress has a miniscule share in the alliance and their leaders at the national level including the Prime Minister make a bee line in front of Tamil Nadu voters for canvassing for the DMK. Atleast some dignity is still resting with BJP though discarded by the two Dravidian parties. Any mudsling be they factual or otherwise will have little impact on the Tamil Nadu voters who are fancied to vote for either AMMA or AYYA or APPA. After all, politics is a family business.

  12. Anonymous on

    This in not something new in indian politics… The case of Baron chemicals against TTK was very famous and the court also gave the judgement againt him and he was forced to resign from Ministry.. (as i understand from the elders.. for comments you can reply to

  13. Anonymous on

    This is the always work of this dayanidhi maran his work is always to earn money not to serve the peoplenow It is has been came to light now he has to be dropped from the cabinet ministry by the P.M.

  14. Anonymous on

    It may or may not affect the result.As tamilians fall for freebees and there is no sense of shame.But the fact remains that
    Maran is corrupt and the matter
    is obsolutely true.Corruption is in his blood.Otherwise why should they insist for a particular ministry.Whether they are in or out of power, these bloody people are part of central govt.They found that they got bigger booty to loot.

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